Fracking Banned Everywhere — Let’s Do It

Fracking wastewater in Illinois

Drilling and fracking for oil and gas across the United States is harming communities by contaminating drinking water, polluting the air and harming people’s health.

Now more than 17 million Americans live within one mile of an oil or gas well. Fracking is taking place far too close to homes, schools, playgrounds, churches and hospitals. This threatens the health and safety of people nearby.

We’ve made progress banning fracking in many communities, but it’s time to do more.

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Fracking is a method of extracting fossil fuels from shale deposits, and it results in damage to our natural resources by creating fissures and contamination from chemicals that are kept secret from the public. It contaminates drinking water (which can make people very sick), it causes earthquakes, and a recent Duke University study found that fracking uses much more water than previously estimated, and very little of it can be made usable again afterward.


We’ve worked hard and have helped ban fracking in states like New York and Maryland. But the time has come to ban fracking everywhere, and we need help from courageous citizens like you who aren’t afraid to call for what’s right.

What You Can Do

Sign on to our petition to end fracking, and follow us for important updates on our shared mission. When we work together and communicate, we can get more of our communities and decision-makers aware of the damage fracking causes to people and our environment.

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