Governor Dayton, Stop The Line 3 Pipeline

Enbridge — one of the companies behind the Dakota Access Pipeline — is forcing through another horrible pipeline project, this time a massive expansion of their Line 3 oil pipeline in Minnesota.

Pipelines carry inherent risk of leaks and Line 3 is slated to run through tribal treaty land, as well as near critical waterways. A rupture could devastate not just the surrounding area, but have horrific effects on communities and the environment across the Midwest. Outgoing Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton still has the ability to be a climate champion and halt this terrible project.

Stand with us.

Tell Governor Dayton "STOP!"


Currently, Enbridge Energy operates the Line 5 pipeline, which pumps 23 million gallons of oil under Lake Michigan daily. The deteriorating 64-year-old pipeline transports crude oil and natural gas across the Straits of Mackinac.

Enbridge is pursuing construction of Line 3 as a replacement pipeline for Line 5. Their preferred route for Line 3 runs through vital bodies of freshwater in northern Minnesota, threatening land where native tribes have treaty rights. Enbridge is a notorious violator of Indigenous rights and were one of the companies behind the Dakota Access Pipeline.


Despite thunderous pushback from activists, Enbridge was able to ram through key approvals in Summer 2018, and the project is currently set to move forward. Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton has the ability to step in and halt this terrible project. This pipeline doesn’t just threaten the communities in its path — it puts our climate at greater risk.

We are focusing pressure on Governor Dayton from all across the country.

What You Can Do

Standing strong against projects like Line 3 is critical in drawing the line in the sand, and throwing down to protect our communities. Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton has the ability to halt this project, please send him a message to oppose Line 3 today.

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