Governor Wolf: Stop Mariner East 2 Construction!

Sunoco has been constructing the Mariner East 2 pipeline since March of 2017. In that time, over 100 spills have contaminated the drinking water of families around the state. They’ve conducted dangerous drilling activities at locations never approved by Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). AND they’ve created large sink holes in densely populated communities.

Governor Wolf’s DEP started this mess. Now he must end it. Tell Governor Wolf to shut down the Mariner East 2 pipeline for good!

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What can you do?
Over 100 chemical spills have occurred during the construction of the Mariner East 2 Pipeline, send a message to Governor Tom Wolf to stop the project!

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The Mariner East 2 is a 350-mile pipeline that would carry dangerous gas liquids across the state of Pennsylvania, terminating at the Marcus Hook facility south of Philadelphia. It poses a serious safety risk to communities all along the pipeline route.

This pipeline is a threat to local safety. The pipeline builder Sunoco has the worst spill record of any oil pipeline company in the country, and the contents that will be carried in the Mariner East 2 are especially dangerous: colorless, odorless highly volatile liquids that are extremely explosive. Sunoco’s plan is to transport these materials at very high pressures through densely populated communities, to get them to the port of Philadelphia for export.


Since construction commenced in 2017, there have been over 100 reported spills of drilling fluid. Sunoco’s reckless drilling contaminated the water supplies for 15 families in West Whiteland Township, and even punched an aquifer. Sunoco’s demonstrated negligence led a judge to order a halt to all drilling activities for several weeks in August 2017.

After months of inaction, the state’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) finally stepped in and ordered a temporary halt to construction at the beginning of 2018. This motivated residents and activists to fight even harder to stop the project. In February, the state’s Department of Environmental Protection announced that it had settled with Sunoco, giving the company the green light to continue construction.

What You Can Do

We need Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf to permanently halt construction on the Mariner East 2 Pipeline. The numerous accidents that have taken place during construction demonstrate that this pipeline will never be safe. Please send a message to Governor Wolf to shut down the Mariner East 2 Pipeline for good!

Tell Gov. Wolf to Halt the Mariner East 2 Pipeline!