TELL CONGRESS: Give Us A #GreenNewDeal!

Climate change is the biggest threat to the safety of our food, water and communities. We deserve federal climate legislation that puts an end to fossil fuel destruction. It’s time for Congress to give us a REAL Green New Deal.


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TELL CONGRESS: We Need a REAL #GreenNewDeal!


There are 10 years left to address climate change. That means we need to make massive changes to our energy infrastructure to limit global warming to a moderate level. 

In order to do this we need climate legislation that is going to directly address fossil fuel production and explicitly prioritize a rapid, just transition off of fossil fuels and fossil fuel infrastructure. There is zero time to waste when tackling the climate crisis. 


Senator Edward Markey and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez introduced the “Green New Deal” resolution to Congress in early 2019 to address the climate crisis, but it does not include any language that would stop the expansion of fracking, drilling, pipelines, and other fossil fuel projects and infrastructure. In fact, the resolution nowhere mentions the terms “oil,” “natural gas” or “fossil fuels.”

While this plan is a step in the right direction with the ambition and scale and by its recognition that climate change poses a grave threat to healthy food and clean water — any legislation that does not explicitly address the urgent need to keep fossil fuels in the ground is insufficient.

A Green New Deal must ban fracking and stop the buildout of dangerous fossil fuel infrastructure that poses a direct threat to public health and safety right now. Congress needs to present legislation that moves us to 100% renewable energy, while also initiating the immediate phaseout of fossil fuels, that science tells us must occur in order to adequately tackle the climate crisis

What You Can Do

We urgently need a bold and ambitious Green New Deal that tackles fossil fuels head-on. Take action now to tell your representative we need a Real Green New Deal.