TELL CONGRESS: No Bailouts For Billionaires!


Trump-supporting fossil fuel executives like Harold Hamm are looking for a bailout. But amid the coronavirus outbreak and a botched federal response, falling oil prices are the least of our problems. And billionaires are the last people who should get a government bailout.

No Bailouts For Billionaires!
Reject this blatant money-grab from fossil fuel corporations!



In a time of national crisis, when our health and climate are at risk, it’s outrageous that fossil fuel industry executives are looking for government money to prop up their unsustainable business model. No taxpayer money should be used to bail out Big Oil & Gas.


Under Trump, budgets for critical things like disease prevention, scientific research and food assistance have been slashed. We face a coronavirus outbreak and a botched federal response. Please do not add insult to injury by recklessly giving away money to dirty energy companies when you have not adequately funded public health initiatives.

What You Can Do

Sign here to tell your members of Congress to reject bailouts for the fossil fuel industry!