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Factory farms perpetuate climate change, produce enormous volumes of manure, pollute the air and water, exploit workers, fuel antibiotic resistance and harm the rural communities they claim to help.

We cannot continue this failed experiment. The health of our food, our rural communities — and our planet — depends on it.

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What you can do?
Sign on to support a ban on factory farms.

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Over the past three decades there has been an economic and geographic shift in how and where food animals are raised in the United States. Large scale factory farms have raising one type of animal have replaced small or medium scale farms that raised dairy and beef cattle, hogs, chickens and turkeys. The rise of factory farming has been driven by three factors: unchecked corporate power, misguided farm policy, and weak environmental and public health regulations.


For several decades, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and state governments have failed to regulate the environmental impacts of factory farms. When factory farms operate virtually unregulated the environment and nearby rural communities pay the price. Corporate consolidation has reduced competition and forced smaller farms out of business. The meatpacking, milk and egg processing industries have become more controlled by just a handful of big players and the remaining farms raising food animals have grown bigger.

Factory farms are also unhealthy, unsafe, and stressful work environments. Workers are subjected to increased exposure to air pollutants produced at factory farms, including particulate matter carrying mold, animal dander and pathogens. In 2016, 6 out of every 100 workers in the animal production industry reported a work-related injury or illness. The stressful, crowded conditions of factory farms make it easy for disease to spread, which can also lead to food safety risks.

What You Can Do

We cannot continue this failed experiment. It is time for a ban on factory farms. The health of our rural communities — and our planet — depends on it. Our petition calls on the federal government to:

  • Federal and state regulators should ban factory farms by not allowing new factory farm operations to be built or existing factory farms to expand.
  • The federal, state and local governments should enforce environmental laws on existing factory farms, including restoring control over siting and practices to local governments, requiring permits for all factory farms and holding vertically integrated companies responsible for the pollution created by the animals they own.
  • The federal and state governments should support the research and technical assistance needed to transition existing factory farm operations, contract growers and family farm grain producers to diversified operations that can serve regional markets.
  • Public policy and government spending at all levels should prioritize rebuilding the infrastructure needed for diversified, smaller-scale livestock production using regenerative practices to supply regional markets.

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