The WATER Act: Urge Congress To Support It

Clean drinking water is a human right. Sadly, in the United States, people have to worry about whether their water is safe to drink, and whether they can afford it. This IS a problem we can solve! That’s why Americans need to support The WATER Act.

We need funding to keep our water systems up to date and affordable to protect our drinking water for generations.

Tell Congress to Support The Water Act



Representatives Keith Ellison and Ro Khanna introduced the Water Affordability, Transparency, Equity and Reliability (WATER) Act to ensure water justice for all and fix our aging water systems. It needs support from people like you so Congress knows you want it passed!


Across our country, public water is being denied to people when they are unable to afford steep prices — often caused by the privatization of a town’s water systems. A few cities do it differently, working with residents to provide them this basic right at a cost that fits their budget, and allows them to keep their water connected.

In cities like Flint, MI, aging water infrastructure sets the stage for bad leaders to cause a tragedy. Some places — but far too few — are taking heed and finding ways to replace old pipes in order to protect each other from such catastrophe.

What You Can Do

The WATER Act takes all of the best ideas to prevent these problems and combines them. Most importantly, it makes them a national standard, in order to protect all of us. It’s a smart move to ensure a safe future for public water and everyone who needs it — help us get it passed!

Tell Your Representatives to Support the WATER Act!