A Ban on Fracking Is Missing From The Green New Deal. Help Fix That.

May 1, 2019

A Green New Deal has been on the lips and agenda of anybody with credibility on climate change these days. There’s one crucial piece of the plan we need your help to put in place: an explicit halt to new fossil fuel infrastructure, including fracking.

At Food & Water Watch and Food & Water Action, the joy was palpable when we learned that a Green New Deal was about to become a household term all over the nation. We and our members were steeped in gratitude toward Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey. But we were troubled by one major step we knew that the plan (so far) lacked. We’ve been working even harder than ever to make sure people understand how important a ban on fracking and new fossil fuel infrastructure is if we are to thwart a lingering dependence on oil.

The Proven Perils of Fracking

Fracking has been ravaging our planet and our resources for decades now, under the pretense that Big Oil cooked up. They said it was safe, new technology. They said it was necessary. They said it wouldn’t hurt us.

Nothing could be further from the truth, now that the long term data is in. We have, as they say, receipts.

It turns out, as so many of us knew, fracking is a water hog. It siphons up gallon after gallon of clean water that belonged to the people, and returns very little (if any) that is still usable.

Fracking is causing earthquakes.

Fracking is playing a role in climate change.

And fracking has shown decreasing profits over time. Now the titans of industry have colluded to make up a supposed demand for plastics to export overseas, in order to prop up their failing investment and squeeze some return from it. Their new plan only endangers nearby families and the world at large even further, whether it’s from the risk of explosions or the long term effects plastics are having on the health of people and our planet.

The Good Sense of Renewables

The truth is that the fair and just transition to 100% renewables is more feasible than many thought possible, and less costly than remaining stuck on fossil fuels. Not only is it doable (and will result in great jobs), it’s necessary. Full stop.

The United Nations’ special panel on climate change released a report in October 2018 showing strong evidence that if society does not greatly reduce the major contributors to climate change by 2030, the hope of staving off the worst effects of climate change is all but lost. Moving to 100% renewable energy is one of the most impactful ways to reduce the CO2 emissions that endanger us.

There has been no time to feel helpless or to delay. We’ve been working for years to move the United States off of fossil fuels and we knew that everything we’d worked for led to this moment. Soon after, our role became clear as talk of a Green New Deal emerged — Food & Water Action and its members will be pivotal in shaping a real Green New Deal that not only invests in our future, but puts its foot down against the dirty energy swindlers that have stolen too much from society already.

We Need Your Help To Do This

It’s not going to be easy. It’s going to require research, organizing, legal work, media outreach, and endless hours of strategizing. And the opposition has a lot more cash to try to beat us with. But we’re all going to fight like we live here, because we do! That’s where you can help. By chipping in each month as a sustainer, in any amount that works for you, you help provide a base of support that we can plan on. That’s what is going to make ending fossil fuels possible.

This is a fight we must win, because this planet is the only one we get. Become a monthly member today!

Fight like you live here.