Ultra Conservative Congressman Ron DeSantis Announces Support for Fracking Ban in Florida

July 3, 2018
 Climate  Florida

Amidst a Sean Hannity led rally in Tampa, Florida, Food & Water Action volunteer Ginger Goepper spoke briefly with Congressman Ron DeSantis about his stances on offshore drilling and fracking.

Congressman DeSantis has stated his support for an offshore drilling ban in Florida, but has never spoken publicly about his support for a ban on fracking in Florida. As a major candidate for Governor, Floridians are eager to know his plans to protect Florida’s aquifers and water resources, if elected.

The Congressman acknowledged his support for a ban on offshore drilling. When asked whether or not he also supports a ban on fracking, Congressman DeSantis said “yes.”

As the self-proclaimed most conservative major candidate in the Florida Gubernatorial race, Congressman DeSantis’s stance against fracking displays the growing bipartisan support for protecting Florida from the risks of fracking and offshore drilling.

You can watch this exchange here:

Congressman DeSantis is the last of the seven major gubernatorial candidates to now be on the public record as being against fracking in Florida. We now must ensure that whomever is elected as Florida’s next governor will live up to their campaign pledge and pass an executive order to ban fracking in our Sunshine State.