Now Even Ultra-Conservatives Want to Ban Fracking

September 14, 2018
 Climate  Florida

Earlier this week, Ron DeSantis laid out his environmental platform. 

Before evaluating one of the key pieces of his platform — banning fracking– it should be noted that while in Congress, Ron DeSantis has racked up an abysmal voting record on the environment. The League of Conservation Voters has given DeSantis a lifetime voting score of 2%. So 98% of the time, DeSantis has voted against environmental protections. DeSantis even refuses to admit that climate change is an issue and denies that human activities play a role in the warming climate. He also repeatedly accepts campaign funds from Big Oil & Gas. It is difficult to believe any of his campaign promises to ban fracking and offshore drilling when the very industry that is pushing the ‘drill baby drill’ mentality is bankrolling his campaign. 

The bright spot: After several years of pushing for a statewide fracking ban in the Sunshine State, it is clear now fracking has grown past its partisanship and become an issue that people of all political identities are behind. Ultra conservative gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis has not only declared his support for banning fracking, but has stated that he’ll advocate for a fracking ban starting on day one, if elected. Before the primary election on August 28th, Food & Water Action recorded all seven major Republican and Democratic candidates expressing concrete support for a statewide fracking ban. This was unprecedented, not only in Florida but across the country. Banning fracking has been mostly seen as a progressive issue, but this election season has proven that is no longer the case. 

This sends a strong message nationwide that fracking is too dangerous for our water, our communities, and climate — not just for Florida, but everywhere. This is a far cry from President Trump’s frack-at-any-cost mentality. The Trump Administration has lowered environmental standards for the fracking industry, allowed the industry to send more methane into the atmosphere, and even opened up more public lands to fracking. Big Oil & Gas has a stronghold on our top level public officials, so it’s up to us to make sure our state and local governments respond to the will of the people and protect the environment.

President Trump should take heed: the movement to ban fracking is growing. We are excited to work to make sure Florida will be the fourth state to ban fracking. We’re sending a message nationwide that the drilling practice is too dangerous for Florida and too dangerous for America.

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