Environmental Groups Endorse India Walton for Mayor of Buffalo

October 15, 2021

As mayor, Walton would make Buffalo a climate leader

As the general election approaches, national climate groups are rallying around Democratic nominee for Mayor of Buffalo, India Walton. These groups view Walton as a climate champion who would make Buffalo a climate leader by switching the city’s electricity over to clean energy, empowering working people over utilities and building out green infrastructure around the city.

Walton soundly defeated incumbent Mayor Byron Brown in the June mayoral primary election. However, instead of helping transition in Walton’s new administration, Brown is running a write-in campaign to defeat Walton. As Walton accumulates endorsements from Democratic party leaders and climate organizations, Brown’s campaign is running smearing attack ads fueled by large contributions from developers, Trump supporters and others working against climate action and the interests of Buffalo residents.

“India Walton has a real vision for what the city of Buffalo can do to make its residents’ lives better and avert catastrophic climate change,” said Santosh Nandabalan, Senior New York Organizer with Food & Water Action. “And she has the tenacity to make those visions reality. We are proud to endorse India Walton for Mayor of Buffalo.”

“Walton is a climate leader whose grassroots campaign made history for Buffalo and the country this June,” said John Qua, Campaign Manager with Lead Locally. “While she shouldn’t need to relitigate a race against Brown she’s already won, it’s important that the climate and progressive movement continue to stand strong behind her for the general election.”

“Data for Progress is proud to endorse India Walton for Mayor of Buffalo,” said Marcela Mulholland, Data for Progress Political Director. “Walton’s vision of equitable and ambitious climate policy that improves the lives of working people illustrates the importance of electing leaders at every level of government who will fight for vital climate policies.”