Food & Water Action Endorses Elizabeth Guzman and Lee Carter for the Virginia General Assembly House of Delegates

May 14, 2021
 Climate Democracy


Richmond, VA — The national advocacy group Food & Water Action is endorsing Elizabeth Guzman and Lee Carter in the races for House District 31 and 50, respectively, citing their bold climate and environmental justice policies. Both candidates endorse the Green New Deal for Virginia, and are dedicated to a bold and urgent suite of climate policies that treat climate change as the emergency it is.

One of the first two Latinx women elected to the Virginia House of Delegates, Elizabeth Guzman has an impressive legislative track record. She wrote the resolution to declare a climate emergency in Virginia, and worked to ensure its passage in the House. As an immigrant and second-generation union member, Guzman has long championed policies that support Virginia’s workers, championing their needs above those of corporate interests. She is a co-founder of the Virginia New Deal Coalition, where she pushes for legislation that centers environmental justice concerns. She is also a strong advocate for clean water, having passed a bill to study and create recommendations for PFAS forever chemicals in water.

Lee Carter is running to maintain his seat in the House of Delegates 50th district. A Marine Corps veteran, Carter brings bold commitments to environmental policies that put Virginia workers above corporate powers. Committed to a fossil fuel free future, Carter opposes fracking, is a vocal opponent of infrastructure projects like the Mountain Valley Pipeline and refuses campaign contributions from fossil fuel companies. A supporter of the Virginia Green New Deal, Carter’s leadership in the House of Delegates will push for bold policies that address the urgency of the climate crisis.

With the endorsements, Food & Water Action Southern Region Director Jorge Aguilar issued the following statement:

“Elizabeth Guzman is a champion of clean energy and clean water, and she has the legislative experience to support her bold ideas with action. She has already spearheaded successful environmental policy initiatives from the declaration of a climate emergency to the formation of a declaring a climate emergency to the Green New Deal Coalition and action on PFAS contamination in Virginia’s water supply. With another term, Guzman will deliver more urgent action on the climate crisis knocking at our door.

“Lee Carter is committed to standing up to corporate control. Virginia needs his leadership on bold climate policies that put people before polluters. Carter has displayed critical leadership in his commitment to keeping fossil fuels in the ground and fighting dirty pipeline projects. With another term, Carter’s bold policies will be critical in pushing Virginia toward a clean, renewable energy future that works for all Virginians.”