The Time Is Here To Fight A Fracking Invasion

July 10, 2019

As people everywhere are waking up to the truth about fossil fuels, the fracking, petrochemical/plastics, electric power and gas exporting industries have teamed up to take the country by storm. A fracking invasion looms and your help is needed.

Just like the moment when a summer action-suspense blockbuster gets really good, the fight between the frackers and everyone working for a livable future has a new twist. But this time, the urgency is real and we have to win. It’s not a movie — it’s real life. 

Exposing Their Plans

Our sister organization, Food & Water Watch, just released a new report, The Fracking Endgame, exposing the plans the fracking, plastics, and liquid natural gas industries are cooking up. 

It details how the fracking industry is in a gas glut and is now banking on polluting partnerships with three industrial players: 

  • The petrochemical and plastics industries that use fracking byproducts as feedstock for manufacturing; 
  • gas exporters building liquefied natural gas terminals to ship gas overseas; 
  • and the electric power industry, which is using fracked gas for unnecessary gas-fired power plants. 

Just as climate scientists, activists, and other leaders are making it known that a rapid shift to renewable energy is crucial, the frackers are doubling down to create new demand for what has been a sinking investment. 

Their plan will massively increase their investments and footprint — locking us in to a dismal future and keeping us from making the changes we need to thrive (and potentially even survive) as a species. 

The Fracking Invasion, By The Numbers

Over 700 new facilities have been built, proposed, or are under development to capitalize off of an oversupply of cheap fracked gas.

2030: The deadline by which the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates we need to pivot to 100% renewable energy in order to avoid the worst effects of climate catastrophe. 

28 million tons: The amount of plastic production that industry experts are projecting will be produced between 2011 and 2020. More than $202 billion is slated to be invested in 333 new chemical facilities and expansions related to fracked gas (including 20 ethylene crackers that will turn shale gas into feedstock for plastic manufacturing.) 

40 percent: the increase in global plastic production over the next decade from investments in Appalachian and Gulf Coast petrochemical facilities. 

That is just the beginning. The Fracking Endgame report goes into more detail about these plans to engineer a fracking-to-plastics pipeline in the industrial landscape and the disastrous effect that will have on our attempts to stabilize our climate. 

They Want To Lock Us Into Plastics, Pollution, and Climate Chaos

Globally, estimates suggest that people are already eating about a credit card’s worth of plastic each week because of the microplastics leaching into our water and food supplies. Questions are arising about the relationship between fracking and rare childhood cancers. And new information has become available in the last year from Duke University showing that fracking depletes water at an alarming rate and returns very little treatable water back after the process. 

We don’t need more of the health risks and climate instability that fracking brings. We can’t stand by and allow this to happen. Say no to fracking and plastics pollution. Say no to running out of drinkable water. Say no to mysterious illnesses that crop up in areas where fracking is prevalent. 

People are ingesting more plastic from food and water than they realize.

You Can Be A Part Of Helping To Stop The Fracking Invasion

The time has come to fight like we live here. Our way of life is in jeopardy. Our teams are fighting fracking in states across the country and overseas. Fracking has been banned in states like New York, Maryland, and Washington because of the work of fighters like you. The next step is to fight for a Green New Deal that explicitly bans fracking nationwide. 

Will you help us work to achieve this goal by becoming a monthly donor today?