See Our California Climate Champion Endorsements For 2020

October 8, 2020

Local elections are incredibly important, and we want you to have the information you need to cast your vote with confidence for the leaders who can steer us back to climate security. See our choices for California climate champions!

In a time of ever widening inequality, of deadly pandemic, and of raging wildfires that choke our skies and our lungs, we recognize now more than ever we need to build the kind of power needed to create change. Elections are an important tool for moving our community leaders into positions of institutional power, and in California we need climate champions in those seats.

In 2020 we are proud to recognize and endorse such leaders from around the front lines of climate change, healthy and safe food, and clean drinking water. Whether or not we’ve endorsed your preferred candidate, or if you simply don’t live in a region where we’ve endorsed, please do your best to return your ballot by mail (or in person if you strongly prefer).


In the City of Los Angeles

We Endorse Nithya Raman, CD-4
Nithya is a leader who will put the city to work for the people of Los Angeles. Her storied experience in urban planning and organizational leadership demonstrates her commitment to end homeless, and her comprehensive approach to public safety reform, rent protections, and tackling the climate crisis.

She centers our approach to solving the climate crisis, and we strongly believe she will fight to clean up our air, get fossil fuels off our power grid, and ensure a clean energy future for Los Angeles.

Nithya needs more than our endorsement to win — she needs you to get involved! Sign up here to help us elect Nithya.

In the County of Los Angeles 

We Endorse Holly Mitchell for the Second Supervisorial District
Holly is a proven leader on environmental issues. She’ll fight to clean up LA County’s air and provide jobs for our communities as we transition off dirty fossil fuels and on to a clean energy grid.

Holly is a fighter. She was the first elected official in the California Legislature to stick her neck out on banning fracking, even when her colleagues warned her against it. Since that time she’s been an ally in the fight against the spread of more oil drilling in Los Angeles, and wants to ensure that proper measures are taken to protect LA communities from oil drilling.

Holly is up against a big player and big money in LA politics. In order to win on Election Day Nov 3rd we need you to show up to the polls!

For the LA Unified School District

We Endorse Scott Schmerelson for Board of Supervisors in District 2
Scott remains one of the only elected officials in the State of California to take bold and meaningful action on the Aliso Canyon Blowout. During the height of the 2015 crisis when two north Valley schools were being gassed and teachers and students alike were falling ill, Scott fought to relocate schools out of the blowout zone. Under his leadership, students were able to remain in school to learn in a safe environment.

Scott took a further step and persuaded his fellow LAUSD board members to call for the permanent closure of the Aliso Canyon. They were the first government body to call for the closure, and remained so for several years.

Scott knows what leadership looked like. He took a personal risk to do what was right, and continues to prioritize the health and safety of teachers and students.

In the City of Burbank

We Endorse Konstantine Anthony for Burbank City Council At-Large
Konstantine is a leader in the Burbank community who has led on city commissions and boards, pushing the city toward progress on the issues of better transportation and accessibility.

Konstantine has specific policies in mind that will improve housing affordability, help move people off streets and into transitional housing, and boost local, main street businesses with tax incentives to lower their operating costs.

But, most important to us, Konstantine is the kind of candidate who takes guidance from grassroots leaders and community efforts. He aligns with our vision for clean energy and a transition away from fossil fuels. Konstantine will work with community leaders and environmentalists to make sure Burbank routes a path toward a green economy that will work for everyone.

In Culver City

We endorse Yasmine-Imani McMorrin and Freddy Puza for Culver City Council

Yasmine and Freddy share a commitment to furthering Culver City’s status as a leading city in the fight against climate change and a community centered just transition.

Both Yasmine and Freddy have a track record of bringing people together. Yasmine currently serves as the Dean of Students and Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at USC Gould School of Law, and has taken that same equity lens into fighting for a just future for her daughter and community.

Freddy, as the director of Loyola Marymount’s Community Relations Office, has strived to foster a similar spirit of inclusion – founding the school’s chapter of Alliance of Anti-Racists Everywhere and serving as an instructor on Implicit Bias.

With Culver City already leading the region on ambitious initiatives such phasing out the Inglewood Oil Field, it’s crucial we elect Yasmine and Freddy to the Council in order to chart a just and equitable path towards a clean energy economy.

In Assembly District 64

Food & Water Action is proud to endorse Fatima Iqbal-Zubair for Assembly District 64

Fatima is a powerful leader, committed to her community. As a highschool teacher-leader and the Chair of the Watts Highschool Science Department, she led her students to academic excellence. Despite establishing the first competitive robotics team in Watts, she realized the bright young minds she nurtures have been playing the game against a stacked deck.

Fatima is running because she understands how toxic pollution from area refineries, a lack of affordable housing and access to healthcare, and inequitable funding converge in Assembly District 64, and keep young leaders from achieving greatness.

Fatima is running against an opponent who is strong backed by the oil industry. Her opponent was the deciding vote that ended a moratorium on new oil drilling in Carson neighborhoods several years ago.

Assembly District 64 needs a leader like Fatima to right the course, and provide hope and opportunity for district residents. Please support Fatima Iqbal-Zubair for Assembly District 64.

Electing climate champions to positions of power is a key strategy in staving off the worst of climate change while we still have the chance. Will you donate monthly to Food & Water Action to support programs like our electoral work and more?


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