Sky White And Pat Kemp Are The Climate Champions For The Hillsborough County Commission

August 10, 2020
 Climate Democracy
Food & Water Action stands behind these candidates for Hillsborough County Commission who will fight for a 100% renewable energy future.

The climate crisis feels like a ticking time bomb, already beginning to burst and unleashing a never-ending series of blows in the form of dangerously high temperatures, rising sea levels that wreak havoc on our water infrastructure, and more disastrous hurricanes. The future that climate scientists are predicting is scary. But there is good news — our elected leaders have the power to change our path and avert the worst impacts of climate change. Scientists have shown that a rapid and large-scale transition to 100% renewable energy is possible. That’s why we need climate champions in the Hillsborough County Commission, to fight for a renewable energy future and change the course we’re on.

Trump And DeSantis Have Failed Florida On Climate Action

The Trump Administration and Florida Governor DeSantis have refused to take action to avert climate disaster. Not only has Governor DeSantis refused to take action on climate, last summer he further buried Florida into a fossil fuel hole by approving the conversion of the Big Bend coal-fired power plant in Hillsborough County to run off of dirty fracked gas. This plant could be in operation in Hillsborough County — spewing air pollutants and climate changing-emissions into the atmosphere — for decades to come. 

We’re running out of time waiting for our state and federal leaders to take urgent climate action — so we’re turning to our local elected leaders.

In the absence of action at the state and federal levels, we have turned our attention to our Tampa Bay city and county leaders for climate action at the local level. The Tampa Bay region stands to have major impacts from climate change including over 3 feet of sea level rise by 2060 and life-threateningly high temperatures. That’s why we’re working to get the City of Tampa to adopt a renewable energy plan to convert the city to 100% renewable energy by 2030. After we win at the city level, we will go next to demand the Hillsborough County Commissioners ratify a plan to get the rest of the county to 100% renewable energy by 2030. We know that by working at the local level and shoring up climate champions at home, we can build power to further push our Tampa Bay area state legislators and Congressional leaders to take progressive climate action. 

Electing Climate Champions To Hillsborough County Commission

We need strong leaders that will fight for 100% by 2030. We are proud to endorse two candidates for the Hillsborough County Commission! Get out to vote in the primary elections by August 18th and in the general elections by November 3rd!

Sky White – District 3

 Sky White And Pat Kemp Are The Climate Champions For The Hillsborough County Commission
Sky has a bold vision for District 3 and the entire county. As a nurse and longtime community organizer, Sky understands how dirty fossil fuel infrastructure and the climate crisis impacts our health, and especially how those impacts burden Black and Brown communities the most. Sky will fight for a countywide transition to 100% renewable energy by 2030 because she understands that Hillsborough County doesn’t have time to waste — climate change is impacting us now and we need urgent action. She’ll also work to ensure the county’s renewable energy policies expand access to affordable mass transit and resources for low-income families to make their homes more energy efficient to reduce emissions and lower energy bills. Sky is the fierce leader that Hillsborough County needs and we’re excited to back her campaign!

Pat Kemp – District 6 (Countywide)

 Sky White And Pat Kemp Are The Climate Champions For The Hillsborough County Commission
Commissioner Pat Kemp has been the key leader fighting for environmental progress for the last 4 years on the Hillsborough County Commission. Commissioner Kemp opposed the plans to convert Hillsborough County’s coal plant to run off dirty fracked gas, calling for investments in solar energy instead. She has successfully fought to bring energy efficiency measures and solar energy to county operations. Commissioner Kemp has also been a tireless advocate for expanding access to mass transit. Kemp is an experienced leader who knows how to move bold policies forward!  

Sign up to volunteer from home to help get Sky White elected and Commissioner Pat Kemp reelected to the Hillsborough County Commission! 

We recognize that traditional campaign tactics like canvassing aren’t safe for everyone in the COVID-19 pandemic. So we’re building a team of Hillsborough County residents that can volunteer from home by asking their friends to vote for climate champions in this election. Conversations with people you know are proven to have a big impact on inspiring new voters. 

We have a goal of turning out 1,000 new Hillsborough County voters this election. Help us reach that goal by signing up to talk to your friends about getting out to vote for climate champions!