Virginia Election Victories Are A Win for the Environment

November 6, 2019
Photo by Paul Sableman / Creative Commons

A newly blue Virginia proves voters value clean energy, air, and water

Last night’s election results in Virginia are particularly promising for environmental efforts. With a leadership change in both the House of Delegates and State Senate, advocates are hopeful the new General Assembly will finally move to transition off of the state’s dirty fossil fuel dependence, jumpstart Virginia’s renewable energy program, and protect air and water by reining in monopolistic utility giants. 

Delegate Elizabeth Guzman of District 31, Delegate Lee Carter of District 50, and incoming Delegate Dan Helmer of District 40, all endorsed by Food & Water Action (FWA) for their commitment to combating climate change, won their races. These officials have progressive agendas that include fighting back against the reckless Mountain Valley Pipeline Southgate Extension and Transco Southeastern Expansion, protecting public health by ensuring clean air and water and promoting an equitable transition to 100% clean and renewable energy by 2035. These winners have shown time and time again that they will stand up to corporate interests to protect the health and safety of Virginia’s communities.

“These candidates embody what we need to move Virginia forward,” said Jorge Aguilar, senior organizer for Food & Water Action, who joined an FWA team during the election cycle in supporting Virginia’s winning candidates. “With this shift in the House and Senate, legislators finally have a chance to enact bold clean energy and pro-environmental legislation that will take on the greedy corporate interests that have governed Virginia for too long. We have a big year ahead. Food & Water Action will keep battling alongside those in office to shut down dirty fuel infrastructure that endangers communities across the state, and to usher in a clean and renewable energy transition.” 

Two other FWA-endorsed candidates, Jennifer Lewis in the 6th House District and Eric Stamps in the 14th, unfortunately, did not win their races yesterday. Both ran stellar campaigns and took on daunting opponents in tough districts where several fossil fuel projects are still in the works.

FWA will continue elevating grassroots opposition in these communities to make sure families and the environment are protected from these dangerous projects.