New Baltimore DPW Leadership Must Recommit to Water for All

October 17, 2019

Baltimore, MD – Today, the Office of Mayor Jack Young announced that Baltimore Department of Public Works Director Rudy Chow will be retiring on February 1, 2020.

Three weeks ago, Dir. Chow introduced 14 pages of amendments to the Water Accountability and Equity Act that would delete the entire water affordability program, protections for renting households, water shutoff protections and procedures, and the entire Office of the Customer Advocate. The proposed amendments are a complete gutting of the bill.

In response Food & Water Action’s Public Water for All Campaign Director, Mary Grant, said:

“We are hopeful that under new leadership, the Department of Public Works will become more responsive to the needs of the people of Baltimore. We also urge the city council to reject Dir. Chow’s last-minute attempt to gut the Water Accountability and Equity Act and to swiftly pass a strong bill to enhance the affordability and accountability of our water billing system. Under Chow’s direction, the department has obstructed the honest work of water advocates in Baltimore who are simply trying to improve the water billing system. We urge future leadership to recommit to water for all.”