Gov. Inslee Would Ban Fracking – So Might Nine Other Candidates, and Counting

June 25, 2019

For Immediate Release– June 24, 2019
Contact: Seth Gladstone – [email protected], 917.363.6615

Washington, D.C. – Gov. Jay Inslee today released a climate and energy plan that, among other things, would institute a national ban on fracking. Additionally, nine other Democratic presidential candidates claim to oppose fracking. On this topic, Food & Water Action Climate & Energy Program Director Mitch Jones issued the following statement: 

Governor Inslee’s intention to ban fracking across America is precisely the type of bold, smart action we need to address the deepening climate and public health crises extreme fossil fuel extraction has created. The nine other candidates that claim to oppose fracking now need to talk in specific detail about exactly what they would do to halt the process as soon as they take office. And the candidates that haven’t yet publicly opposed fracking need to pull their heads out of the sand, and get on board with the will of most Americans.”


Washington, D.C. (June 3, 2019) – A presidential candidate survey released by The Washington Post indicates that ten Democratic candidates – Booker, Buttigieg, de Blasio, Gabbard, Inslee, Messam, Sanders, Swalwell, Warren and Williamson – support a ban on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in the U.S. Meanwhile, a poll last year from the Pew Research Center indicates that a majority of Americans – 58% – oppose fracking. The same poll indicated that 65% of “moderate Democrats” and 83% of “liberal Democrats” oppose fracking. In response to the Post’s candidate survey, Food & Water Action Climate & Energy Program Director Mitch Jones issued the following statement:

“Given that most Americans oppose fracking, for good reason, it’s not surprising that more and more presidential candidates are coming to the prudent conclusion that fracking simply must be banned. Front-line communities across the country are dealing every day with the human health and environmental risks that fracking inherently brings. Fracking poisons air and water, and makes people sick. Americans know it, and finally Democratic candidates are beginning to get the picture.”

Food & Water Action is the political arm of Food & Water Watch. At Food & Water Action, we hold our elected officials accountable and ensure that those who represent us reflect and embody our core values of universal access to safe food, clean water, and a livable climate.


Beacon City Council Candidates Endorsed by Food & Water Action

June 21, 2019

Rhodes, Aymar-Blair earn support based on opposition to Danskammer plant

For Immediate Release: June 21, 2019

Food & Water Action, the political arm of the national advocacy group Food & Water Watch, is endorsing Air Rhodes and Dan Aymar-Blair for Beacon City Council.

The pair earned the endorsement based on their strong advocacy for bold clean energy policies, including their firm opposition to the plan to build the massive Danskammer fracked gas power plant in Newburgh.

“Meeting the challenge of the climate crisis requires strong leaders at every level of government, and the state’s new climate law means we must stop fossil fuel projects like the Danskammer fracked gas plant,” said Food & Water Action organizer Andrew Pezzullo. “Air Rhodes and Dan Aymar-Blar have already shown that they are ready to lead on the most crucial issues of our time.”

Food & Water Watch was one of the lead organizations in the successful statewide campaign to ban fracking, and the group’s organizers and volunteers spearhead campaigns to shut down fossil fuel infrastructure projects. In 2018, Food & Water Action made its first endorsements in New York, deploying its statewide power to send strong climate champions to Albany.


Food & Water Action Endorsed Candidate Loraine Lundquist Makes it to L.A. City Council Runoff

June 5, 2019

For Immediate Release—June 5, 2019
Contact: Walker Foley, (323) 843-8448, [email protected]

Los Angeles, CA- Efforts by Food & Water Action and others paid off last night when Loraine Lundquist made it into the top two vote getters in a special election in L.A. City Council District 12. Lundquist, a Democrat and sustainability professor at Cal State Northridge, will face Republican John Lee in a runoff on August 13.

Food & Water Action knocked on 11,000 doors since its April endorsement. Volunteers and staff made almost 5,000 phone calls and the organization sent over 2000 mail pieces.

Food & Water Action did this with a small and dedicated team who worked tirelessly and who kept volunteers energized week-after-week.

In response to the Lundquist win, Food & Water Action Senior Organizer Walker Foley issued this statement:

“This is a powerful message— the Aliso Canyon community is not going to sit around and wait to see what crumbs it is offered by wavering politicians. We’re going to fight until City Council and other elected offices are filled with bold leaders who aren’t afraid to take action to shut down the Aliso Canyon Gas Storage Facility.”

Lundquist faces an uphill battle in the runoff, but Food & Water Action will continue to help clear a path to her election.


Food & Water Action mobilizes regular people to build political power to move bold & uncompromised solutions to the most pressing food, water, and climate problems of our time. We work to protect people’s health, communities, and democracy from the growing destructive power of the most powerful economic interests.


Biden’s Climate Plan is Weak and Inadequate

June 4, 2019

Statement of Wenonah Hauter, Executive Director, Food & Water Action

For Immediate Release– June 4, 2019

Contact: Seth Gladstone – [email protected], 917.363.6615

Washington, D.C.– “Joe Biden’s climate plan is a cobbled-together assortment of weak emissions targets and unproven technological schemes that fail to adequately address the depth and urgency of the climate crisis we face. This plan cannot be considered a serious proposal to tackle climate change.

“Biden’s focus on ‘net zero’ emissions, carbon capture programs, and vague pollution pricing schemes all point to one outcome: a society continuing to be dominated by fossil fuels, and a future of irrevocable climate chaos. The only real way to avoid this perilous future is to transition immediately to a truly clean, renewable energy economy. The way to jumpstart this transition is by banning fracking and halting all new fossil fuel development now.”

Food & Water Action is the political arm of Food & Water Watch. At Food & Water Action, we hold our elected officials accountable and ensure that those who represent us reflect and embody our core values of universal access to safe food, clean water, and a livable climate.


Food & Water Action Endorses Reelection of Lee Carter For Virginia State House

May 24, 2019

For Immediate Release: May 24, 2019

 Jackie Filson, 202-683-2538, [email protected]

Richmond, VA–  Today, Food & Water Action is proud to announce the endorsement of Lee Carter for re-election to the Virginia State House representing the state’s 50th District.

Lee Carter is a Marine Corps veteran who has always made helping others a personal mission. As a state delegate, Carter worked to ensure Medicaid access was expanded in Virginia and fought for workers by supporting a living minimum wage, fighting on behalf of labor unions, and strengthening worker protections.

Carter was also a leading proponent of Virginia’s ambitious energy plan to reach 100% clean, renewable energy by 2035, a plan that would create an entirely new renewables industry in the state. He’s been a vocally critical of the disproportionate amount that corporate campaign contributions help influence public policy, including the way Dominion Energy’s campaign cash has made Virginia overly dependent on fossil fuels.

“We are proud to endorse Lee Carter for re-election to the Virginia State House and will work hard to make sure his ambitious vision for a truly 100% renewable energy future becomes a reality,” said Jorge Aguilar, Food & Water Action’s Southern Region Director.

“Carter has already demonstrated true leadership on key issues in the House of Delegates. Our hope is that voters in Manassas and Prince William County will send Carter back to Richmond to continue fighting for workers and the environment.”


Assembly Candidates in New Jersey Endorsed by Food & Water Action

May 23, 2019

Food & Water Action, the political advocacy arm of the advocacy group Food & Water Watch, is endorsing five Democratic Assembly candidates who will champion bold policies on clean energy and protecting public drinking water.

The group is supporting Roger Quesada and Mahmoud Mahmoud in the 32nd District, Joe Danielsen and Ron Rivers in the 17th District, and Awais Qazi in the 29th District.

Quesada was active in the grassroots campaign to stop the Pilgrim oil pipelines in North Jersey, as well as the ongoing drive to stop the Meadowlands fracked gas power plant. He has played a key role as a leader in this fight, which has included door-to-door outreach, informational meeting, and rallies with local elected officials.

“To defeat the North Bergen power plant, we need bold and outspoken leaders  who will break the silence in Hudson County, who won’t cave to intimidation, and who are unafraid to take on the biggest fight of our time,” said Food & Water Action Senior Organizer Matt Smith. “I am confident that the Quesada/Mahmoud team will be exactly the representatives we need with us in this fight. They represent the fundamental, necessary change to combat the culture of silence and intimidation that is currently rampant within the Hudson County Democratic Party.”

Assemblyman Danielsen has built a record in office of standing up to protect his constituents. He publicly opposed dirty energy projects such as the Northeast Supply Enhancement project, and co-sponsored a bill to protect New Jersey’s clean water by banning fracking wastewater dumping.

“Ron Rivers is a progressive challenger running an energetic, people-powered campaign that will create a healthier, safer New Jersey,” said Food & Water Action organizer Junior Romero. “He supports the call for a statewide moratorium on fossil fuel pipelines and power plants, and believes the Garden State should lead the nation in transitioning to 100% renewable energy by 2035. We know that he will bring a fresh jolt of progressive energy to Trenton.”  Rivers has also drafted a bold green infrastructure plan that relies on union workers to rapidly decarbonize New Jersey. Additionally, he has refused donations from corporate polluters, running an entirely grassroots, people-funded campaign.

Qazi is running to be the first Muslim and youngest member elected to the Legislature. He is an activist with the Newark Water Coalition and the Sunrise Movement, and has participated in civil disobedience at the offices of Sen. Mitch McConnell and Rep. Nancy Pelosi in support of a Green New Deal. He is committed to halting the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure and bringing the benefits of clean energy innovation and living-wage green jobs to New Jersey.