FWA Endorses Lujan, Ramos, Johnson and Martinez for Orange County Legislature and Newburgh City Council

June 15, 2021

Newburgh, NY — The environmental advocacy group Food & Water Action is endorsing a slate of candidates committed to bold climate action and stopping the Danskammer fracked gas power plant in Newburgh. The group announced the endorsement for the “Stop Danskammer Slate” at a rally last night.

The “Stop Danskammer Slate” of progressive candidates for Orange County legislative office include Kevindaryan Lujan for District 4, Genesis Ramos for District 6 and Pearl Johnson for District 16. It also includes Giselle Martinez for City of Newburgh city council district for Ward 1.

With the endorsement, Food & Water Action Northeast Region Director Alex Beauchamp issued the following statement:

“Newburgh needs leadership that stands up to polluting special interests. The candidates on the Stop Danskammer Slate have stood with us in protesting Danskammer’s dirty facility, they stand with Newburgh’s environmental justice community in demanding better policies and investment to uplift the community, not profit off its pollution. We are proud to endorse Lujan, Ramos, Johnson and Martinez as representatives of both the city and town of Newburgh.”

Contact: Phoebe Galt, Food & Water Action, [email protected]

Food & Water Action Endorses Tasha Young for Greenburgh Town Supervisor

May 28, 2021

Greenburgh, NY — The national advocacy group Food & Water Action is endorsing Tasha Young for Greenburgh Town Supervisor, citing her commitment to bringing the green economy to Greenburgh. Young is committed to a just transition in Greenburgh that will bring rebates, state grants and green jobs to the city.

Tasha Young was born and raised in Greenburgh as the third generation in her family with roots in the community. Her commitment to ensuring the city thrives is deep-rooted and heartfelt. With years of experience serving as a policy expert and Chief of Staff on the New York City Council, Young also has the expertise to generate the bold policies needed to achieve her vision.

With the endorsement, Food & Water Action Northeast Region Director Alex Beauchamp issued the following statement:

“Tasha Young is a crucial partner to the grassroots climate movement in New York. As Town Supervisor, she will bring an environmental justice lens to everything she does, as she fights to ensure full funding for the volunteer-led sustainability measures that have been won to date. With her leadership, Greenburgh will see the benefits of a just transition to a green economy and set a standard for local green job growth that the rest of the state would be wise to follow.”

Contact: Phoebe Galt, Food & Water Action, [email protected]

Food & Water Action Endorses Conor Greene, Vanessa Agudelo, Amy Vele and Amy Perlow in Peekskill

May 28, 2021

Peekskill, NY — The national advocacy group Food & Water Action is endorsing the Progress for Peekskill slate of progressive candidates for Peekskill public office, citing the group’s platform prioritization of bold climate policies. The Progress for Peekskill slate includes Conor Greene for Mayor, and Vanessa Agudelo, Amy Vele and Amy Perlow for Common Council.

As the city of Peekskill sees a revitalization boom, Greene, Agudelo, Vele and Perlow are committed to ensuring any city growth is tied to sustainability and positive public health outcomes. The slate of candidates has committed to standardizing environmental impact as a measure for smart city development, including bold commitments to require building efficiencies beyond the state mandated requirements, and streamlining permitting processes for local community-based renewable energy projects.

With the endorsement, Food & Water Action Northeast Region Director Alex Beauchamp issued the following statement:

“Greener cities are more prosperous and healthy cities. For the Progress for Peekskill slate, sustainability is built into all decisionmaking and underscores all policies. We are proud to endorse Conor Greene for Mayor, and Vanessa Agudelo, Amy Vele and Amy Perlow for Common Council, and look forward to working with them to ensure that Peekskill is a leader in sustainable living that makes serious progress on addressing the climate crisis.”

Contact: Phoebe Galt, Food & Water Action, [email protected]

Food & Water Action Endorses Mike Hollingsworth for New York City Council District 35

May 24, 2021

New York, NY — The national advocacy group Food & Water Action is endorsing Mike Hollingsworth for New York City Council District 35, citing his track record of community leadership and commitment to a Green New Deal that works for all New Yorkers.

A lifelong Brooklynite, Mike Hollingsworth has a history of building change from the ground up, and winning big on bold issues facing his community. Hollingsworth has shown his commitment time and again to standing up to corporate influence in New York City politics, and is a staunch ally to the Green New Deal movement. A victim of environmental racism and fossil fuel polluter-driven childhood asthma, Hollingsworth is a critical ally in the fight against climate change in New York City.

With the endorsement, Food & Water Action Northeast Region Director Alex Beauchamp issued the following statement:

“We are proud to endorse Mike Hollingsworth’s candidacy for New York City Council. Brooklyn needs bold leadership to ensure a rapid and just transition off fossil fuels. We are confident in Mike Hollingsworth’s vision and political and grassroots organizing acumen to get the job done.”

Contact: Phoebe Galt, Food & Water Action [email protected]

Food & Water Action Endorses Cesar Guerrero for Joliet City Council

March 25, 2021

Guerrero has long demonstrated firm commitment to water affordability and safety 

Joliet, Il. – The national environmental advocacy group Food & Water Action is endorsing Cesar Guerrero for Joliet City Council.

A lifelong resident of Joliet, Guerrero has pledged to protect the city’s water resources, and to hold those polluting them accountable. His plans include increasing investment in green infrastructure throughout Joliet, stopping water privatization and shutoffs, and ending subsidies paid out to the city’s warehouses that attract heavy truck traffic which poisons the water and pollutes the air.

“Cesar Guerrero has committed himself to protecting the people of Joliet against industry polluters and predatory water policies,” said Food & Water Action Local Coordinator Kara McCauley. “Especially during a pandemic, it is vital that residents are not at risk of losing their water service due to unaffordability. Guerrero prioritizes safe and affordable drinking water for all, and understands the importance of protecting Joliet’s already vulnerable water table. He plans to implement an income-based water affordability program for Joliet residents while charging corporate water users their fair share. Programs like this have been successfully implemented in Philadelphia and Baltimore, and Joliet deserves the same protections. Cesar Guerrero is the candidate to deliver those protections, and to lead Joliet towards a more sustainable, equitable future.”

Contact: Jessica Gable – gable[at]fwwatch[dot]org

John Fetterman’s Fracking Flip Flops

February 18, 2021

PA Democrats express disappointment over Lt Gov’s betrayals on fracking


For Immediate Release

BRADDOCK, PA- As he begins his Senate campaign, Democratic elected officials from around Pennsylvania are calling on Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman to fulfill his past promises on fracking and fossil fuel pipelines.

The voices of the elected officials — including State Representative Danielle Friel Otten, East Pittsburgh Borough Councilwoman Stacey Simon, and Northampton County Councilwoman Tara Zrinski — are being highlighted by national environmental group Food & Water Action, which is launching a petition calling for Fetterman to fulfill his past promises to defend communities that are fighting dangerous drilling and pipeline projects.

Fetterman’s political career is marred by broken promises over the issue of fracking. On several occasions, Fetterman promised to stand with the communities fighting the powerful industry, only to abandon those commitments after elections had passed.

In his 2016 Senate campaign, Fetterman signed a pledge supporting a statewide moratorium on fracking. At an April 2016 debate, he criticized the pro-drilling record of a rival candidate, Katie McGinty, saying she “brought fracking to Pennsylvania.”

Fetterman told McGinty: “You can’t have it both ways. There’s no such thing as a green fracker.”

That year, he also supported Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, saying that the senator’s call for a fracking ban would be a “winning issue” in Pennsylvania.

But during the 2020 Democratic presidential primaries, Fetterman took the opposite position, arguing that Democrats who speak out against fracking would lose the state.

“It is disappointing that Fetterman made a commitment to me and communities around Pennsylvania that he would fight to stop fracking, and then turned around and became a staunch supporter of new fracking,” said Northampton County Councilmember Tara Zrinski, who gave Fetterman the fracking ban pledge that he signed in 2016.

In his 2018 campaign for Lieutenant Governor, Fetterman said he supported community leaders’ calls for Governor Tom Wolf to stop the dangerous Mariner East pipeline.

Fetterman also received a guided tour of Mariner East construction in Delaware and Chester Counties. Among his tour guides was State Representative Danielle Friel Otten. “‘No one should have to live in these conditions’ were John Fetterman’s words after he sat in my neighbor’s family room with me and walked through their backyards to see the devastation that Mariner East is having on communities like mine.” said Friel Otten. “Voters in Chester County will need to understand Fetterman’s confusing public positions on fossil fuel expansion, fracking and the suffering that communities are facing in the name of jobs, as he now runs for Senate.”

However, Fetterman never took up the issue in any way, aside from defending Wolf against an FBI ethics investigation centered around his handling of permit approvals.

Fetterman’s reversal on fracking runs close to home. He has supported a hugely unpopular  fracking well proposal in his hometown, even while opposition from local municipalities piles up. The public opposition to this environmentally unjust well has forced state regulators to suspend review of the project.

Local opposition to the proposed fracking well caused East Pittsburgh Borough to rescind driller Merrion Oil & Gas’s permit, which led Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to suspend their review of the proposal. In response, Merrion is threatening East Pittsburgh with an expensive lawsuit.

“East Pittsburgh residents oppose this well, and will continue to despite Merrion’s threats,” said East Pittsburgh Borough Councilwoman Stacey Simon. “It would be very helpful for John Fetterman to voice his support for our community. Unfortunately, thus far he has chosen to stick with the fracking industry.”

Fetterman’s fracking positions could resonate in the state. Recent polling shows that fracking is deeply unpopular with Democratic voters, and new research confirms that the promised jobs benefits linked to fracking in Pennsylvania and Ohio have never materialized.