As Wildfire Rages, Governor Newsom Must Shut Aliso Canyon Gas Facility to Protect Families

October 11, 2019
In June 2019, Governor Gavin Newsom promises Food & Water Action support Jane Fowler that he's working to shut down Aliso Canyon.
In June 2019, Governor Gavin Newsom promises Food & Water Action support Jane Fowler that he’s working to shut down Aliso Canyon.

Porter Ranch—More than 25,000 homes have been evacuated in Porter Ranch and the surrounding communities due to danger from the Saddleridge wildfire. The flames have reached the Aliso Canyon gas storage facility, the site of the worst gas blowout in US history in October 2015. In response, Food & Water Action California State Director Alexandra Nagy issued this statement:

“As the Saddleridge Fire rages through Aliso Canyon storage facility we fear the worst for our friends, colleagues and neighbors. As homes are on fire in Porter Ranch and Granada Hills, the blaze at the gas storage facility is sending toxins into the atmosphere. We are enraged that Governor Newsom has dragged his feet on closing Aliso Canyon storage facility, despite repeated promises to protect the community.

“As the fourth anniversary of the blowout at Aliso Canyon approaches in just days, families should not once again face this threat—one that could have been avoided if the governor and state regulators took timely action to shut the facility. It is not too late for Governor Newsom to protect the health and safety of local families and shut down Aliso Canyon immediately.”


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