Assembly Candidates in New Jersey Endorsed by Food & Water Action

May 23, 2019

Food & Water Action, the political advocacy arm of the advocacy group Food & Water Watch, is endorsing five Democratic Assembly candidates who will champion bold policies on clean energy and protecting public drinking water.

The group is supporting Roger Quesada and Mahmoud Mahmoud in the 32nd District, Joe Danielsen and Ron Rivers in the 17th District, and Awais Qazi in the 29th District.

Quesada was active in the grassroots campaign to stop the Pilgrim oil pipelines in North Jersey, as well as the ongoing drive to stop the Meadowlands fracked gas power plant. He has played a key role as a leader in this fight, which has included door-to-door outreach, informational meeting, and rallies with local elected officials.

“To defeat the North Bergen power plant, we need bold and outspoken leaders  who will break the silence in Hudson County, who won’t cave to intimidation, and who are unafraid to take on the biggest fight of our time,” said Food & Water Action Senior Organizer Matt Smith. “I am confident that the Quesada/Mahmoud team will be exactly the representatives we need with us in this fight. They represent the fundamental, necessary change to combat the culture of silence and intimidation that is currently rampant within the Hudson County Democratic Party.”

Assemblyman Danielsen has built a record in office of standing up to protect his constituents. He publicly opposed dirty energy projects such as the Northeast Supply Enhancement project, and co-sponsored a bill to protect New Jersey’s clean water by banning fracking wastewater dumping.

“Ron Rivers is a progressive challenger running an energetic, people-powered campaign that will create a healthier, safer New Jersey,” said Food & Water Action organizer Junior Romero. “He supports the call for a statewide moratorium on fossil fuel pipelines and power plants, and believes the Garden State should lead the nation in transitioning to 100% renewable energy by 2035. We know that he will bring a fresh jolt of progressive energy to Trenton.”  Rivers has also drafted a bold green infrastructure plan that relies on union workers to rapidly decarbonize New Jersey. Additionally, he has refused donations from corporate polluters, running an entirely grassroots, people-funded campaign.

Qazi is running to be the first Muslim and youngest member elected to the Legislature. He is an activist with the Newark Water Coalition and the Sunrise Movement, and has participated in civil disobedience at the offices of Sen. Mitch McConnell and Rep. Nancy Pelosi in support of a Green New Deal. He is committed to halting the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure and bringing the benefits of clean energy innovation and living-wage green jobs to New Jersey.