Food & Water Action Endorses Slate of Progressive Candidates in New York

August 8, 2018

Group Backs Climate Champions and IDC Challengers

BROOKLYN, NY – Food & Water Action, the political arm of the national advocacy organization Food & Water Watch, is endorsing seven candidates in New York state Senate and Assembly races, the first election cycle in which the group is deploying its statewide power to send strong climate champions to Albany.

Food & Water Action endorsed candidates based on their commitment to moving New York to 100% renewable energy by 2030, stopping fossil fuel infrastructure projects statewide, and protecting publicly-owned water systems from corporate takeover.

The candidates receiving the groups endorsement are:

  • Julia Salazar, State Senate District 18
  • Jen Metzger, State Senate District 42
  • Scott Martens, State Assembly District 98
  • Karen Smythe, State Senate District 41
  • Jessica Ramos, State Senate District 13
  • Zellnor Myrie, State Senate District 20
  • Alessandra Biaggi, State Senate District 34

“These are the candidates who are committed to putting people before corporations, and making bold moves on climate policy that have not happened under Governor Cuomo,” said Alex Beauchamp, Food & Water Action’s Northeast Director.  “Food & Water Action and our members are excited to send these true climate champions to Albany.”

Several of the Food & Water Action endorsed candidates are challenging incumbent Democrats who are members of the Independent Democratic Conference.  This group of Democrats who caucus with Republicans have been targeted by grassroots progressive activists who argue that the IDC members betray Democratic voters, and also make progressive climate legislation impossible in Albany.

As one of the lead groups in the successful statewide fight to ban fracking, Food & Water Watch organizers and volunteers lead campaigns to shut down fossil fuel infrastructure, focusing on the fracked gas power plants and pipelines proposed in every corner of the state. Several of the candidates receiving their endorsement have been active in the campaigns against these projects.

The group is also pushing the state to transition to 100% renewable energy by 2030.

Food & Water Action is the affiliated 501(c)4 arm of Food & Water Watch.