Food & Water Action Endorsed Candidate Loraine Lundquist Makes it to L.A. City Council Runoff

June 5, 2019

For Immediate Release—June 5, 2019
Contact: Walker Foley, (323) 843-8448, [email protected]

Los Angeles, CA- Efforts by Food & Water Action and others paid off last night when Loraine Lundquist made it into the top two vote getters in a special election in L.A. City Council District 12. Lundquist, a Democrat and sustainability professor at Cal State Northridge, will face Republican John Lee in a runoff on August 13.

Food & Water Action knocked on 11,000 doors since its April endorsement. Volunteers and staff made almost 5,000 phone calls and the organization sent over 2000 mail pieces.

Food & Water Action did this with a small and dedicated team who worked tirelessly and who kept volunteers energized week-after-week.

In response to the Lundquist win, Food & Water Action Senior Organizer Walker Foley issued this statement:

“This is a powerful message— the Aliso Canyon community is not going to sit around and wait to see what crumbs it is offered by wavering politicians. We’re going to fight until City Council and other elected offices are filled with bold leaders who aren’t afraid to take action to shut down the Aliso Canyon Gas Storage Facility.”

Lundquist faces an uphill battle in the runoff, but Food & Water Action will continue to help clear a path to her election.


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