Food & Water Action Endorses Ana María Archila for NY Lieutenant Governor

New York needs bold climate leadership from the state’s highest elected officials, and Ana María Achila is ready to deliver

For Immediate Release

Food & Water Action, the political and lobbying arm of the national advocacy organization Food & Water Watch, is endorsing community leader Ana María Archila for New York Lieutenant Governor. Archila’s opponent, newly appointed Lt. Gov. Antonio Delgado, is backed by wealthy corporate interests including cryptocurrency tycoons opposing necessary legislation that would place a moratorium on the use of fossil fuel plants to power cryptomining.

With less than a decade left to make serious progress in reducing New York’s climate-warming greenhouse gas emissions, Ana María Archila’s leadership promises a bold commitment to passing, implementing and enforcing uncompromising policies that move the state off fossil fuels. From the All-Electric Building Act to the Build Public Renewables Act and a moratorium on fossil-fuel powered cryptomining, Archila’s support for these important policies are clear evidence that she is the climate champion New York needs in Albany.

Food & Water Action Northeast Region Director Alex Beauchamp said:

“Climate change is the existential crisis of our time. But, while the clock ticks ever forward, Albany fails to meet the desperate urgency of the moment. For three years in a row, leadership has allowed the legislative session to close without serious action on climate change. With less than a decade remaining to move New York’s buildings off fossil fuels, shut down fossil fuel power plants and build public renewables, we are running out of time. New York needs bold climate leadership from the state’s highest elected officials, and Ana María Achila is ready to deliver. Achila has what it takes to put regular people in the driver’s seat, supporting bold policies that end our destructive reliance on fossil fuels and deliver a just transition for New Yorkers. Ana María Achila is the climate champion we need.”

“I’m so proud to have the support of Food and Water Action, who stands up to corporate polluters every day in the fight against climate change,” said Ana María Archila, Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor. “As I laid out in our Green New Deal for New York plan, we must meet the climate crisis with the full force of state resources and bold policies to transition to a green energy future.”

Food & Water Action has also endorsed a slate of climate candidates for state legislature including Vanessa Aguldelo, David Alexis, Illapa Sairitupac, and Sarahana Shrestha, all of whom also recently received the endorsement of sitting Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. These candidates are poised to change the business as usual culture in Albany and ensure climate change is taken seriously.

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