Food & Water Action Endorses Cesar Guerrero for Joliet City Council

March 25, 2021

Guerrero has long demonstrated firm commitment to water affordability and safety 

Joliet, Il. – The national environmental advocacy group Food & Water Action is endorsing Cesar Guerrero for Joliet City Council.

A lifelong resident of Joliet, Guerrero has pledged to protect the city’s water resources, and to hold those polluting them accountable. His plans include increasing investment in green infrastructure throughout Joliet, stopping water privatization and shutoffs, and ending subsidies paid out to the city’s warehouses that attract heavy truck traffic which poisons the water and pollutes the air.

“Cesar Guerrero has committed himself to protecting the people of Joliet against industry polluters and predatory water policies,” said Food & Water Action Local Coordinator Kara McCauley. “Especially during a pandemic, it is vital that residents are not at risk of losing their water service due to unaffordability. Guerrero prioritizes safe and affordable drinking water for all, and understands the importance of protecting Joliet’s already vulnerable water table. He plans to implement an income-based water affordability program for Joliet residents while charging corporate water users their fair share. Programs like this have been successfully implemented in Philadelphia and Baltimore, and Joliet deserves the same protections. Cesar Guerrero is the candidate to deliver those protections, and to lead Joliet towards a more sustainable, equitable future.”

Contact: Jessica Gable – gable[at]fwwatch[dot]org