Food & Water Action Endorses Conor Greene, Vanessa Agudelo, Amy Vele and Amy Perlow in Peekskill

May 28, 2021

Peekskill, NY — The national advocacy group Food & Water Action is endorsing the Progress for Peekskill slate of progressive candidates for Peekskill public office, citing the group’s platform prioritization of bold climate policies. The Progress for Peekskill slate includes Conor Greene for Mayor, and Vanessa Agudelo, Amy Vele and Amy Perlow for Common Council.

As the city of Peekskill sees a revitalization boom, Greene, Agudelo, Vele and Perlow are committed to ensuring any city growth is tied to sustainability and positive public health outcomes. The slate of candidates has committed to standardizing environmental impact as a measure for smart city development, including bold commitments to require building efficiencies beyond the state mandated requirements, and streamlining permitting processes for local community-based renewable energy projects.

With the endorsement, Food & Water Action Northeast Region Director Alex Beauchamp issued the following statement:

“Greener cities are more prosperous and healthy cities. For the Progress for Peekskill slate, sustainability is built into all decisionmaking and underscores all policies. We are proud to endorse Conor Greene for Mayor, and Vanessa Agudelo, Amy Vele and Amy Perlow for Common Council, and look forward to working with them to ensure that Peekskill is a leader in sustainable living that makes serious progress on addressing the climate crisis.”

Contact: Phoebe Galt, Food & Water Action, [email protected]