Food & Water Action Endorses Yasmine Taeb For Virginia State Senate

May 20, 2019

For Immediate Release: May 20, 2019

 Jackie Filson, 202-683-2538, [email protected]

Richmond, VA– Food & Water Action, the political arm of the national advocacy organization Food & Water Watch, is endorsing Yasmine Taeb for Virginia State Senate in the 35th District.

Taeb is a dedicated human rights attorney who’s worked to make sure the American dream is within reach for all Virginians. Now she’s running for the Virginia State Senate to improve health care and public education in her state.

Yasmine supports an ambitious energy plan that would get Virginia to 100% clean, renewable energy by 2035 and create tens of thousands of jobs for Virginians. She also wants to require energy utilities to pay for new solar panels in schools, religious institutions and government buildings.

“Yasmine Taeb has a bold vision for addressing climate change in Virginia head-on while also creating a whole new renewable energy industry that will position the state as a jobs leader,” said Jorge Aguilar, Food & Water Action’s Southern Region Director. “For decades, Virginia residents have seen little action because of the influence of special interests, but Taeb wants to change that. She knows now is the time to push for real action, and will fight hard to do just that.”

In Virginia, companies like Dominion Energy have spent huge amounts of money on campaign contributions and lobbying to influence legislators and officials to pass policies favorable to big business. Yasmine’s opponent is one of the top recipients of Dominion campaign cash.

But Yasmine has pledged not to take any Dominion money because of her strong belief in the need for campaign finance reform and her determination to hold Dominion accountable for their steep bill overcharges, their poor environmental record, and their continued investment in fossil fuels. Instead, she is pushing for the most ambitious renewable energy plan the state has ever seen,  which will address climate change and halt fossil fuel projects like Dominion’s Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

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