GOP Drilling Plan is a Climate Farce

House Republicans release pro-fossil fuels roadmap to climate chaos

Today, House Republican leadership unveiled what is purported to be the party’s version of climate policy. The plan relies heavily on expanding fossil fuel drilling and boosting exports of fracked gas. 

In response, Food & Water Action Managing Director of Policy Mitch Jones released the following statement:

“Over a dozen years ago, no one would have mistaken ‘Drill, Baby, Drill’ for serious climate policy. The fact that Republicans have not changed course in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence and cascading climate-fueled disasters speaks volumes. What’s needed now are serious plans that meet the monumental scale of the crisis, and also deliver the economic benefits and job opportunities that are so desperately needed. We need to elect climate champions this year who will prioritize shifting off of dirty fossil fuels that poison communities and enrich corporate polluters.”