Pres. Candidate Inslee Bans Fracking in Washington – Now Must Call for National Ban

May 8, 2019

For Immediate Release— May 8, 2019

Contact: Seth Gladstone – [email protected], 917.363.6615

Olympia—Washington Governor Jay Inslee today signed into law a permanent ban on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. This makes Washington the fourth state to ban fracking nationally. The controversial process of oil and gas drilling has poisoned drinking water and caused widespread health problems in other states, and had already been banned in Vermont, New York and Maryland.

In response, Food & Water Action Executive Director Wenonah Hauter issued the following statement:

“We’re pleased that Governor Inslee has banned fracking in Washington and come out in opposition to dangerous fracked gas infrastructure projects in his state as well. This is great news, but as a presidential candidate, in order to show real national leadership on climate and clean energy, Inslee must endorse a ban on fracking across the country.

“As governor and out on the campaign trail, Inslee has spoken eloquently about the threat of climate change, but he has yet to specifically oppose fracking nationally. Fracking is responsible for the vast majority of new oil and gas drilling in the United States, and any candidate who is serious about confronting climate change must also be willing to unequivocally oppose this dangerous practice.

A clear majority of Americans want political leaders to take real action on climate change. Now would be the perfect opportunity for Inslee to join fellow candidates Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard in calling for a national ban on fracking, and for a halt to all new fossil fuel infrastructure everywhere.”

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