New Chinese Trade Deal Will Make Chicken a Booby Trap in America

October 30, 2019

Trump Administration Misses Opportunity for Stronger Country of Origin Labeling While Opening Door to Unsafe Imports

Washington D.C. – News reports indicate that a tentative trade deal has been reached between the U.S. and China that would lift the yearslong ban on poultry imports and exports between the two countries. 

In response, Wenonah Hauter, Food & Water Action Executive Director said:

“The Trump administration is bowing to China at the expense of public health in America with his new poultry deal. In one fell swoop, this trade deal means that American families can serve contaminated chicken for dinner and not even know it.

“Chicken from China has historically been so unsafe that hundreds of dogs have died from eating treats derived from Chinese poultry. Thousands of quality control inspections have shown that Chinese food-processing plants often fail basic hygiene standards and in some cases, outsource food containing abnormal levels of pesticides, antibiotics, heavy metals, bacteria, and viruses. Even the Chinese government admits that the country needs to improve its food safety system. Apparently, the Trump administration has no qualms about opening our doors to products from places with such poor food safety records – and even worse while keeping Americans in the dark about it.

“Without stronger country of origin labeling, this deal will mean processed chicken products containing Chinese chicken do not have to be labeled. The Trump Administration is subjecting Americans to a new world where munching on a chicken nugget could mean getting sick. This agreement also rewards outsourcing, as Cargill has plants in China that stand ready to export Chinese chicken products to the U.S. It is unacceptable to take such unnecessary risks with the health of American families in the name of ‘free trade.’”