Food & Water Action Endorses Yasmine Taeb For Virginia State Senate

May 20, 2019

For Immediate Release: May 20, 2019

 Jackie Filson, 202-683-2538, [email protected]

Richmond, VA– Food & Water Action, the political arm of the national advocacy organization Food & Water Watch, is endorsing Yasmine Taeb for Virginia State Senate in the 35th District.

Taeb is a dedicated human rights attorney who’s worked to make sure the American dream is within reach for all Virginians. Now she’s running for the Virginia State Senate to improve health care and public education in her state.

Yasmine supports an ambitious energy plan that would get Virginia to 100% clean, renewable energy by 2035 and create tens of thousands of jobs for Virginians. She also wants to require energy utilities to pay for new solar panels in schools, religious institutions and government buildings.

“Yasmine Taeb has a bold vision for addressing climate change in Virginia head-on while also creating a whole new renewable energy industry that will position the state as a jobs leader,” said Jorge Aguilar, Food & Water Action’s Southern Region Director. “For decades, Virginia residents have seen little action because of the influence of special interests, but Taeb wants to change that. She knows now is the time to push for real action, and will fight hard to do just that.”

In Virginia, companies like Dominion Energy have spent huge amounts of money on campaign contributions and lobbying to influence legislators and officials to pass policies favorable to big business. Yasmine’s opponent is one of the top recipients of Dominion campaign cash.

But Yasmine has pledged not to take any Dominion money because of her strong belief in the need for campaign finance reform and her determination to hold Dominion accountable for their steep bill overcharges, their poor environmental record, and their continued investment in fossil fuels. Instead, she is pushing for the most ambitious renewable energy plan the state has ever seen,  which will address climate change and halt fossil fuel projects like Dominion’s Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

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Biden’s Climate ‘Middle Ground’: Burning Planet Seeks Leader

May 10, 2019

For Immediate Release – May 10, 2019

Contact: Peter Hart – [email protected] – 732.839.0871

Reuters reports that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is crafting a ‘middle ground’ climate policy that would deepen the country’s reliance on fracked gas, nuclear power, and unproven, industry-friendly ‘carbon capture’ technology.

In response, Food & Water Action Climate & Energy Program Director Mitch Jones released the following statement:

“This fossil fuel-friendly agenda would amount to a death sentence for a livable climate. While establishment Democrats like Biden seek a middle ground, our burning planet is seeking a leader that will move us off fossil fuels and towards a just and fair transition to truly clean energy, which would create hundreds of thousands of jobs across the country.

“Grassroots activism has propelled climate change to the top of the agenda for Democratic voters. Biden’s climate stance is not only uninspiring—it will doom us to climate chaos.”

At Food & Water Action, we mobilize people to reclaim their political power, hold our elected officials accountable, and resist corporate control — ensuring we all have the essential resources we need to thrive.


Pres. Candidate Inslee Bans Fracking in Washington – Now Must Call for National Ban

May 8, 2019

For Immediate Release— May 8, 2019

Contact: Seth Gladstone – [email protected], 917.363.6615

Olympia—Washington Governor Jay Inslee today signed into law a permanent ban on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. This makes Washington the fourth state to ban fracking nationally. The controversial process of oil and gas drilling has poisoned drinking water and caused widespread health problems in other states, and had already been banned in Vermont, New York and Maryland.

In response, Food & Water Action Executive Director Wenonah Hauter issued the following statement:

“We’re pleased that Governor Inslee has banned fracking in Washington and come out in opposition to dangerous fracked gas infrastructure projects in his state as well. This is great news, but as a presidential candidate, in order to show real national leadership on climate and clean energy, Inslee must endorse a ban on fracking across the country.

“As governor and out on the campaign trail, Inslee has spoken eloquently about the threat of climate change, but he has yet to specifically oppose fracking nationally. Fracking is responsible for the vast majority of new oil and gas drilling in the United States, and any candidate who is serious about confronting climate change must also be willing to unequivocally oppose this dangerous practice.

A clear majority of Americans want political leaders to take real action on climate change. Now would be the perfect opportunity for Inslee to join fellow candidates Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard in calling for a national ban on fracking, and for a halt to all new fossil fuel infrastructure everywhere.”

At Food & Water Action, we mobilize people to reclaim their political power, hold our elected officials accountable, and resist corporate control — ensuring we all have the essential resources we need to thrive.


Anti-Fracking Candidates Likely to Advance in Denver City Council Races 

May 8, 2019

For Immediate Release
Contact: Thomas Meyer, [email protected], 360-460-7397

Denver – Based on preliminary and unofficial election results, Candi CdeBaca (district 9) and Chris Hinds (district 10) appear likely to advance to the June 4th runoff election for Denver City Council.

Food & Water Action endorsed Candi and Chris based on their commitment to ban fracking for oil and gas, support for public ownership of the city’s water and sewer system, and refusal to accept campaign contributions from the fossil fuel industry. This is the first time Food & Water Action has endorsed candidates for elected office in Colorado.

In response, Food & Water Action Colorado Organizer Jason Harrison issued the following statement:

“We were proud to endorse Candi CdeBaca and Chris Hinds for City Council, and we remain committed to supporting their campaigns if they advance to the runoff. City residents deserve representatives who will stand up to the fossil fuel industry and protect the public from corporate greed, and that’s what they would get with Candi and Chris. With the long-awaited passage of new oil and gas regulations in Colorado, Denver has more power to restrict dangerous fracking, and we look forward to working with them and other leaders to stop fracking entirely in the city.

“Food & Water Action volunteers contacted more than 12,000 Denver voters through phone calls, text messages and door-to-door conversations. But our work doesn’t end with today’s election. We will continue to organize and educate voters in Denver to hold our elected officials accountable and implement the policies and solutions our city needs.”


Food & Water Action is a political advocacy organization supporting the educational work of Food & Water Watch. We champion healthy food and clean water for all. We stand up to corporations that put profits before people, and advocate for a democracy that improves people’s lives and protects our environment.

Food & Water Action Endorses Bethany Hallam, Liv Bennett, and Christine Allen for Allegheny County Council

May 6, 2019

For Immediate Release

Food & Water Action, the political arm of the national advocacy organization Food & Water Watch, is endorsing Bethany Hallam, Liv Bennett, and Christine Allen for Allegheny County Council.

In the face of significant and ongoing public health threats posed by the fossil fuel industry, the three women represent a stark departure from the pro-industry status quo of County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, his negligent county health department, and a County Council that has failed to hold this industry accountable.

“Liv, Christine, and Bethany are committed to standing up for the health and safety of our communities,” said Megan McDonough of Food & Water Action. “Electing these women would provide a check on our frack-friendly County Executive.”

Allegheny County is facing significant public health issues stemming from pollution. The number of new fracking wells has increased 54% since 2017; for the second year in a row, the American Lung Association gave Allegheny County’s air quality an ‘F’ grade; and pipelines and newly proposed petrochemical facilities threaten to drastically increase the region’s carbon footprint.

In contrast to the incumbents they are challenging, Bennett, Hallam, and Allen have committed to taking steps necessary to reverse these troubling trends. They have each committed to:

-Banning the leasing of county lands for fracking.

-Holding Allegheny County Health Department accountable for failure to enforce permits at facilities such as the Clairton Cokeworks, where the department took two weeks to notify residents of dangerously high air pollution levels.

-Deploying county resources to block new fracking pipelines.

-Creating a county fracking lease registry so municipalities and community leaders can better understand when they are being threatened by new fracking.


Encouragement and Concern from Gov. Inslee’s Climate Plan

May 3, 2019

Statement of Wenonah Hauter, Executive Director, Food & Water Action

Washington, D.C. – Today, Washington governor and presidential candidate Jay Inslee released a policy plan to address climate change. In response, Food & Water Action Executive Director Wenonah Hauter issued the following statement:

“We are pleased and encouraged to see the aggressive timeline for a transition to clean energy that Governor Inslee is proposing. However, we are disappointed and concerned by all that’s missing from his climate plan. Most notably, he has failed to address the critical need to cut new fossil fuel development at the source, by banning drilling and fracking on federal lands, and ending the dangerous buildout of pipelines and other harmful infrastructure. Any complete transition to a clean, renewable energy future must inevitably include a halt on new oil and gas investment, beginning now.”

Contact: Seth Gladstone – [email protected], 917.363.6615