Food & Water Action Endorses Karen Smythe for Senate

September 9, 2020

Food & Water Action, the political arm of the national advocacy organization Food & Water Watch, is endorsing Karen Smythe for Senate in the 41st Senate District of New York.

Smythe won the endorsement based on her firm commitment to moving New York to 100% renewable energy, stopping fossil fuel infrastructure projects, and protecting publicly-owned water systems from corporate takeover. 

“Karen Smythe is the climate leader the Hudson Valley needs and deserves right now to meet the most pressing issue of our time,” said Food & Water Action organizer Emily Skydel. “We need a leader in the 41st District who will put the people of the Hudson Valley ahead of the oil and gas industry. We’re prepared to fight for Karen because we know she’s ready to take the fight to corporate polluters.” 


Food & Water Action Endorses Ed Markey for U.S. Senate

August 24, 2020

Washington, D.C. – Food & Water Action, the political affiliate of the national advocacy group Food & Water Watch, has endorsed Ed Markey (D-Ma) for U.S. Senate. 

The endorsement is based on Senator Markey’s long track record of service on issues that are priorities for the organization, including a ban on fracking, bold climate change action, protecting public water and sustainable agricultural practices. 

Food & Water Action has more than 21,000 members and supporters in Massachusetts, and plans to mobilize its statewide network to turn out voters ahead of the September 1st primary. 

Upon announcing the endorsement, Food & Water Action Political Director Sam Bernhardt issued the following statement: 

“Massachusetts needs Ed Markey in the Senate to lead on climate action and protect our food and water from corporate interests. Throughout his years of public service, Senator Markey has demonstrated a deep commitment to the needs of his constituents and ordinary Americans.

“Our future literally depends on electing strong leaders like Ed Markey to the Senate. He has made climate action a centerpiece of his career, and we need his continued leadership in the U.S. Senate. We are thrilled to endorse Ed’s campaign and to mobilize our supporters to get out the vote in this critical race.”

Contact: Peter Hart – phart[@]fwwatch[dot]org

Hillsborough Candidates Pushing for 100% Renewable Energy are Endorsed by Food & Water Action

August 10, 2020

Endorsements for Commissioner Pat Kemp and Sky White

Tampa, FL — Today, Food & Water Action announced the organization’s endorsement of County Commissioner Pat Kemp (seeking reelection in District 6) and Sky White (running in District 3), two candidates for the Hillsborough County Commission. FWA is currently working to get the Tampa City Council to approve a measure to go 100% renewable energy by 2030, and plan to get the Hillsborough County Commission to do the same. Both candidates are fierce climate advocates and have voiced their intentions to prioritize climate action once in office. 

Commissioner Pat Kemp has been the leading voice in fighting for renewable energy access during her past 4 years on the Commission. She has demonstrated her commitment to fighting for an end to fossil fuels by speaking out against TECO’s proposal to convert the Big Bend coal-fired power plant to fracked gas and calling on DeSantis’ Administration to instead put resources towards renewable energy. 

Sky White has run a grassroots campaign for the District 3 County Commissioner seat. She has repeatedly stated her commitment to a rapid transition to 100% renewable energy. As a longtime community organizer, White knows how to meaningfully engage with residents in the democratic process.

“Pat Kemp and Sky White know we don’t have time to waste when it comes to facilitating a transition to 100% renewable energy here in Hillsborough County,” says Michelle Allen, Florida State Director for Food & Water Action. “We are proud to endorse the candidates for Hillsborough County Commission we believe will make the biggest impact to avert climate disaster.”

ContactJorja Rose, jrose[at]fwwatch[dot]org, (202) 683-2483

National Environmental Group Endorses Alex Morse for Congress

July 27, 2020

Mayor Morse has led Holyoke on climate. Now he’s needed in Congress.

For Immediate Release

The national environmental advocacy group Food & Water Action is endorsing Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse in the Democratic primary to represent Massachusetts’ 1st Congressional District.

Morse has made his city a climate leader by blocking the expansion of fracked gas infrastructure, closing the state’s last coal power plant, and committing the city to a goal of achieving 100% renewable energy. Morse charted this path by utilizing his city’s municipal utility to build out renewable energy solutions.

Food & Water Action Political Director Sam Bernhardt issued the following statement:

“At a time when cities around the county were succumbing to industry lobbyists and selling their publicly-owned assets, Mayor Alex Morse leveraged Holyoke’s municipal utility to take major steps towards fighting climate change and providing services to city residents. This is exactly the kind of leadership we need in Congress to transition our economy to 100% renewable energy by expanding publicly-owned energy infrastructure.”

In races across the country, Food & Water Action is backing bold leaders committed to taking on the most pressing public health, environmental and climate challenges of our time. Last month, the group helped climate champions Mondaire Jones and Jamaal Bowman cruise to victory in their New York congressional races.


Food & Water Action Endorses Beth Doglio for Congress

July 16, 2020

Washington, D.C. – The national environmental advocacy group Food & Water Action is endorsing Beth Doglio in her run for Washington’s 10th Congressional District.

Food & Water Action is endorsing Doglio based on her track record of championing the environment for decades, both as a nonprofit leader and as a legislator. As a member of Congress, Doglio has pledged to fight for Green New Deal legislation and a national ban on fracking.

In response, Food & Water Action Political Director Sam Bernhardt issued the following statement:

“For decades, Beth Doglio has been a leader both inside and outside of the halls of power. From founding one of Washington’s most powerful environmental groups to leading the charge for climate solutions as a state legislator, she has done it all.

“Beth Doglio is exactly the kind of leader we need in Congress. Her years of dedication to the climate fight, both as a leader in the movement to stop fossil fuel infrastructure in Washington state and as a member of the state legislature, would immediately make her one of the preeminent voices on the issue in Congress. If elected, her dedication to passing a progressive agenda and willingness to challenge the status quo will be invaluable qualities in the fight to protect our food, water, and climate. We are excited to endorse Beth’s campaign and send her to Congress next year.”

In races across the country, Food & Water Action is backing candidates who are bold leaders committed to taking on the most pressing public health, environmental and climate challenges of our time. Last month, the group helped climate champions Mondaire Jones and Jamaal Bowman cruise to victory in their New York congressional races.

Contact: Sam Bernhardt – 267-428-1903 – bernhardt[at]fwwatch[dot]org

Mondaire Jones’s New York Primary Victory Demonstrates Strong Rejection of Fracking and Faulty Market-Based Climate Policies like Carbon Taxes, Cap-and-Trade

June 24, 2020

For Immediate Release

New York – While New York election results have yet to be officially certified, Democratic congressional candidate Mondaire Jones (NY-17) has seemingly won his respective primary with a platform that firmly rejects fracking, new fossil fuel infrastructure and faulty market-based climate policies such as cap-and-trade and carbon taxes. Specifically, Jones campaigned on a pledge to:

  • Support legislation to ban fracking everywhere;
  • Support legislation to halt all new fossil fuel infrastructure, including power plants and pipelines;
  • Support legislation to ban exports of oil and natural gas;
  • Oppose faulty market-based climate policies such as carbon taxes and cap-and-trade schemes.

Meanwhile, Jones’s opponents were either silent or unambitious on climate and energy. Adam Schleifer, who appears headed for a distant second place finish in the race, made a carbon tax central to his climate platform. David Carlucci, who will likely finish third, repeatedly blocked climate legislation as a member of the New York State Senate’s Independent Democratic Caucus, where he caucused with Republicans.

In response, Food & Water Action Political Director Sam Bernhardt issued the following statement:

“Mondaire Jones campaigned on a bold climate and energy platform that unquestionably rejects fracking and any new fossil fuel development. Similarly, he rejects faulty climate policies like carbon taxes and cap-and-trade — policies that would actually create financial incentives for states and municipalities to keep drilling and fracking for decades to come.

“Mondaire’s win represents a clear desire for bold new leadership on climate from their future constituents, and it is part of a growing movement across America to reject half-measures and false solutions when it comes to protecting public health and our environment.”