Senator Warren’s Climate Platform Ignores Fossil Fuels

September 4, 2019

For Immediate Release – Sept 3, 2019
Contact – Jackie Filson, [email protected], 202-683-2538

Statement of Mitch Jones, Climate & Energy Program Director, Food & Water Watch:

“Senator Warren’s latest addition to her climate proposals is welcome, but it still fails to meet the most important issue for combating the worsening effects of climate change: the growing supply of fossil fuels. That’s why every serious climate plan must lead with a ban on fracking.

While Senator Warren came out early in support of previous plans to stop fossil fuel production on public lands, this latest proposal is silent on banning fracking everywhere. Our new fossil fuel exporting economy is based on fracking, without banning it or exports of fossil fuels, we are condemning our children to decades of fossil fuel use. We must move immediately to ban fracking, ban the export and import of fossil fuels, ban new fossil fuel infrastructure including pipelines, as well as banning production on public lands.

We don’t have time to wait. Acting now is both a political and moral imperative.”