UPDATE: Baltimore Water Equity Bill Next Vote on Monday

October 24, 2019

BALTIMORE WATER UPDATE: no water bill press conference on Monday, interview availability instead.

On Monday, October 28 the Baltimore City Council will hold a second reading and vote on the Water Accountability and Equity Act. Advocates will be available for interviews upon request before and after the vote. We are urging the Council to stand with the people of Baltimore, reject the proposed gutting of the legislation by the Department of Public Works Dir. Rudy Chow, and vote in favor of the bill.

If the majority of the Council votes to pass the bill through second reading, it will move to a third reading and final vote on November 4. At that vote, the council can approve the legislation and send it to Mayor Jack Young, the original sponsor of the legislation, for his signature.

Years of powerful grassroots campaigning across communities in Baltimore demonstrate the significant public support for the comprehensive bill to make water permanently affordable for low-income households and to create an independent and accountable dispute resolution process. 

Available for interview: 

  • President Brandon Scott (other Council Members are potentially available as well)
  • Rianna Eckel, Senior Maryland Organizer, Food & Water Action
  • Reverend Dr. Alvin Gwynn Sr., Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance of Baltimore
  • Dean Dodson, SEIU 1199
  • Coty Montag, NAACP LDF 
  • A representative from the NAACP – Baltimore City Branch