Trump Wants To Enable Factory Fish Farms, Wreaking Havoc On Our Oceans

October 19, 2020

Trump Wants To Enable Factory Fish Farms, Wreaking Havoc On Our Oceans

Our oceans and food supply are at risk due to recently introduced legislation that would open federally-controlled waters to large-scale open ocean aquaculture, or factory fish farms. Here’s how you can help.

By Melody College

Open ocean aquaculture may sound harmless, but it’s really just another term for dangerous, industrialized, large-scale factory fish farms. These facilities damage wild ecosystems, threaten coastal economies and rob local fishing communities of their livelihoods. 

That’s why Food & Water Action is calling Congress out and demanding it to protect local communities by stopping corporations from taking over our oceans for their own profit.

Send a message to your Members of Congress asking them to reject factory fish farms.  

Trump’s Executive Order Slashes Environmental Review And Regulations For Fish Farms

In May, Trump issued an executive order aimed at slashing regulatory protections and environmental reviews of factory fish farms. For years, federal agencies have been pushing factory fish farms in federal waters, even though they know the harm those facilities will cause. In fact, we had to file a federal lawsuit and get a U.S. Court of Appeals to declare that it was unlawful for the government to give industrial fish farms everyday permits. Now some members of Congress want to give fish farmers a pass.

Open ocean fish farms wreak havoc on everything around them:

  • They pollute. Waste, excess food, antibiotics and other chemicals pollute ocean water, promoting algae growth that leads to habitat loss and the destruction of sea life.
  • They spread disease. Outbreaks of diseases and parasites can spread to wild fish populations, killing them or making them unsafe for consumption. 
  • The fish escape. Approximately three million fish escape every year from fish farms, pushing non-native species into the ecosystem and disrupting Indigenous fisheries.
  • They harm fishing communities. Factory fish farms eliminate fishing jobs by undercutting wild fish prices. This means lost jobs in coastal communities. 

Join The Indigenous Nations And Local Communities In Fighting Factory Fish Farms

Despite the hype from agribusinesses and industrial fish companies, it’s clear that factory fish farms solve zero problems and create a whole lot of new ones. Allowing open ocean aquaculture in U.S. waters would make our food less safe and damage our oceans.

The wild-capture fishing industry, Indigenous nations and local communities are already speaking out against this bill. Let’s stand with them. We can’t let this threat to our oceans and food system moving forward. 

Take action now to tell your Members of Congress to protect our oceans and fishing communities.