Summer Lee

Summer Lee is a lifelong resident of southwest Pennsylvania, bringing her experience as a state legislator and longtime social justice organizer to Congress. Food & Water Action helped her stop a fracking well in her hometown of Braddock, PA and supported her efforts to end fossil fuel handouts.

In Congress, she will fight to end fracking, to pass a Green New Deal, to provide clean energy jobs and to ensure clean air and water for all, especially marginalized communities.

Jamie McLeod-Skinner

​​Jamie McLeod-Skinner is an outspoken advocate for racial justice, families, and our climate. She brings her experiences as a small business owner, union member, attorney and city council member to progressive causes in Congress.

McLeod-Skinner defeated her primary opponent, an entrenched incumbent who had long put big pharmaceutical companies over the needs of people and the planet, without taking a single cent of corporate money to fund her campaign.

Maxwell Alejandro Frost

Maxwell Alejandro Frost is a skilled progressive movement-builder, determined to defend poor, working-class, and young people in Congress. Frost brings a history working on powerful campaigns for reproductive rights, criminal justice reform and gun restrictions.

He is a Green New Deal champion prepared to crack down on the corporations that have jeopardized his community’s right to healthy water, air and food. Frost knows that if there is a future, it must be a green one.

Rep. Jamaal Bowman

Since his election in 2020, Rep. Jamaal Bowman has been a vibrant voice in Congress, advocating for progressives and marginalized communities like those in his district. In that election, Bowman toppled his 16-term incumbent opponent, with a grassroots people-powered campaign and $0 in corporate donations.

He is a Green New Deal, environmental justice and voting rights champion, fighting to transition this country to 100% clean and renewable energy by 2030.