Let’s Elect These Food & Water Champions in 2018

These candidates have committed to fighting for our shared vision of clean water, trustworthy food, and a livable climate. As your future elected officials, they will be champions for protecting our health and environment from corporate interests and pushing a progressive agenda in Congress and around the country. These candidates have all pledged to support:

  • Ensuring public water for all
  • Moving to 100% renewable energy by 2035
  • Stopping corporate control of our food
  • Expanding voting rights
  • Overturning Citizens United

U.S. Congress | California | Maryland | New York | New Mexico | Pennsylvania

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Food & Water Action has also endorsed these critical state ballot initiatives.

Food & Water Action is proud to endorse the following Congressional candidates:

* Incumbent

Food & Water Action has also endorsed the following state and local candidates:


Robert Rivas (State Assembly, District 30)

Jovanka Beckles (State Assembly, District 15)

Elizabeth Warren (State Assembly, District 76)


Ben Jealous (Governor)

Ron Young (State Senate, District 3)*

Clarence Lam (State Senate, District 12)*

Susan Lee (State Senate, District 16)*

Will Smith (State Senate, District 20)*

Paul Pinsky (State Senate, District 22)*

Robbie Leonard (State Senate, District 42)

Mary Washington (State Senate, District 43)

Karen Lewis Young (State Delegate, District 3A)*

Shelley Hettleman (State Delegate, District 11)*

Eric Luedtke (State Delegate, District 14)*

David Fraser-Hidalgo (State Delegate, District 15)*

Arianna Kelly (State Delegate, District 16)*

Al Carr (State Delegate, District 18)*

Lorig Charjoudin (State Delegate, District 20)

David Moon (State Delegate, District 20)*

Jheanelle Wilkins (State Delegate, District 20)*

Mary Lehman (State Delegate, District 21)

Joseline Pena-Melnyk (State Delegate, District 21)*

Kirkland Hall (State Delegate, District, 38A)

Nick Mosby (State Delegate, District 40)*

Steve Lafferty (State Delegate, District 42A)*

Robbyn Lewis (State Delegate, District 46)*

Brooke Lierman (State Delegate, District 46)*

New Mexico 

Stephanie Garcia Richard (State Land Commissioner)

Billie Helean (State Representative, District 57)

New York

James Gaughran (State Senate, District 5)

Kevin Thomas (State Senate, District 6)

Anna Kaplan (State Senate, District 7)

Jessica Ramos (State Senate, District 13)

Julia Salazar (State Senate, District 18)

Zellnor Myrie (State Senate, District 20)

Andrew Gounardes (State Senate, District 22)

Alessandra Biaggi (State Senate, District 34)

Karen Smythe (State Senate, District 41)

Jen Metzger (State Senate, District 42)

Rachel May (State Senate, District 53)

Scott Martens (State Assembly, District 98)

Christine Pellegrino (State Assembly, District 9)

Mark Dunlea (State Comptroller)


Emily Best (State Senate, District 30)

Sara Innamorato (State Representative, District 21)

Katie Muth (State Senate, District 44)

Summer Lee (State Representative, District 34)

Erin McCracken (State Representative, District 171)

Kara Scott (State Representative, District 122)

Amy Cozze (State Representative, District 137)

Sara Johnson Rothman (State Representative, District 151)

Daryl Boling (State Representative, District 152)

Danielle Friel Otten (State Representative, District 155)

Melissa Shusterman (State Representative 157)

Leanne Krueger-Braneky (State Representative, District 161)*

Kristin Seale (State Representative, District 168)

Mike Doyle (State Representative, District 170)

Elizabeth Fiedler (State Representative, District 184)