Let’s Elect These Food & Water Champions in 2020

These candidates have committed to fighting for our shared vision of clean water, trustworthy food, and a livable climate. As your future elected officials, they will be champions for protecting our health and environment from corporate interests and pushing a progressive agenda. Will you chip in to help elect these food, water, and climate champions?



Jessica Cisneros — Texas Congressional District 28

Jessica Cisneros Texas CD-28
We are delighted to be endorsing Jessica Cisneros for Congress! She’s challenging one of the most conservative Democrats in the House, who has taken huge sums of money from fossil fuel industries. She will champion a Green New Deal and a fracking ban in Congress.


Kara Eastman — Nebraska Congressional District 2

Kara Eastman Nebraska CD-2
We are endorsing Kara Eastman because she knows we need to move off of fossil fuels and onto 100% renewable energy to create millions of jobs and address the climate emergency. She will fight for that in Congress!


Morgan Harper — Ohio Congressional District 3 

Morgan Harper Ohio CD-3
We are endorsing consumer advocate Morgan Harper in her fight to represent the working people of Ohio’s 3rd District in Congress! Coming from Ohio’s “Asthma Belt,” she’s committed to fighting for improved water infrastructure, a ban on fracking, and a Green New Deal.


Arati Kreibich — New Jersey Congressional District 5

Arati Kreibich New Jersey CD-5
We are proud to endorse Arati Kreibich because she knows we must make climate change an urgent priority and ban fracking! Please support her against a conservative democrat who opposes a Green New Deal.


Adam Scow — California Congressional District 20

Adam Scow California CD-20
We face a climate crisis and Adam Scow knows we can’t prevent the worst of climate change unless we advocate for bold policies to achieve them and build a movement to win. He’s done that his whole career and we know that’s what he’ll do in Congress.


J.D. Scholten — Iowa Congressional District 4

J.D. Scholten Iowa CD-4
Not only is J.D. Scholten taking on Steve King, one of the worst members of Congress, but he’s shown bold leadership by fighting for family farmers & against big agribusiness. We’re excited to endorse him and look forward to working with him in Congress!