Let’s Elect These Food & Water Champions in 2022

These candidates have committed to fighting for our shared vision of clean water, trustworthy food, and a livable climate. As your future elected officials, they will be champions for protecting our health and environment from corporate interests and pushing a progressive agenda. Will you chip in to help elect these food, water, and climate champions?


Congressional Races

As a Pennsylvania State Representative, Summer Lee fought to protect her community and others like it around the state from fracking. We stood with her in the fight to stop a fracking well in her hometown of Braddock, PA, and Summer worked in the Pennsylvania Capitol to stop the flow of fossil fuel handouts. Now we stand with her as she takes the fight to Washington DC.

Jessica Cisneros knows the future of Texas’ energy is renewable, unlike the fossil fuel cheerleading incumbent she’s challenging. Texas should be leading the Green New Deal, not creating humanitarian disasters resulting from crumbling and antiquated energy infrastructure, like what unfolded after last year’s ice storms. 

Rep. Andy Levin has shown time and again that he is a steadfast environmental champion of the environment and believes we have a moral obligation to save life on earth. Levin has fought his entire career against special interests that have sickened our communities and exacerbated the climate crisis. He is the type of leader we need in Congress more than ever.

Doyle Canning is exactly the kind of leader that Congress and Oregon need – one who will fight environmental injustice and fearlessly advocate for real climate solutions. For decades, Canning has built community-focused movements for racial justice, environmental restoration and a stable climate future. We know she will work every day in Congress to ensure a safer, healthier planet for all.

Sending Maxwell Alejandro Frost to Congress won’t just win another vote for climate action; it will send a movement builder to DC. Maxwell is an organizer focused on building the power of progressive movements. We look forward to building the climate movement together with him.