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It Is Time To Ban Fracking Nationwide

The time is now to beat back climate catastrophe!


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The Hog Sh*t Floodwater Of Hurricane Florence

The damage of Hurricane Florence was multiplied because of the decisions made for decades about factory farms and climate change. Will America learn this time?

Where Oil Titans Will Stash 2M Gallons Of Gas

Politicians (including some Democrats) are pushing dangerous projects to prop up the plummeting profitability of natural gas fracking. If these massive petrochemical, plastics, and pipeline investments are not stopped, people who live nearby will have the steepest price to pay — with their health and their environment.

One Little Word Stopped A Bad Scheme

A federal agency overstepped its authority, creating a scheme that would have allowed industrial fish farms to barge in on waters that local fishermen and women rely on. We teamed up with a handful of plaintiffs and stopped it.