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Sue Altman

New Jersey – District 7

Sue Altman has a long record of championing progressive issues in Trenton, and challenging political leaders on both sides of the aisle – qualities that will be essential to running an energetic, forceful campaign in a battleground district.

The former Executive Director of New Jersey Working Families Alliance, Altman has proven that she isn’t afraid to speak truth to power to advance the fight for a fairer, healthier, and more just society. Winning a high-profile race in a battleground district like this will require a determined and passionate voice for social change. Sue Altman is the kind of candidate who can articulate a vision that will motivate voters to show up this November.

Food & Water Action endorses Sue Altman for Congress.

Core Issues

  • Climate Change Response
  • Environmental Protection
  • Reproductive Health Rights & Justice
  • Voting Rights & Defending Democracy