Organizing 101

verb or·ga·nize \ ˈȯr-gə-ˌnīz \
2b : to persuade to associate in an organization; especially : unionize
3: to arrange by systematic planning and united effort

Wenonah Hauter and Food & Water Action activists with signs outside the Health & Human Services building in Washington, DC.
Food & Water Action Executive Director Wenonah Hauter and activists deliver petitions to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services demanding clean water for Flint, MI.

It’s often our personal backgrounds that fuel us to go forward and create something bigger than ourselves, and Wenonah Hauter is a shining example of that. Growing up on a hardscrabble farm in the mountains of Virginia, Wenonah came to value the sanctity of food, water, and our environment. Stepping into a world whose corporate players are so willing to sell out those fundamental human rights, and who keep the public in the dark until the deals are done, Wenonah armed herself with knowledge and set out to stop them.

But one person, even with an education and commitment like Wenonah’s, can’t stop corporate giants on their own. And that’s where organizing comes in. Because Wenonah knew she was not alone. The more people she talked to, visited, and fought alongside, the more formidable she and her work became because she had the power of the people with her. It led her to found Food & Water Watch, and she developed more organizers who are just as passionate as she is — and who all have personal stories that drive them every day to protect the integrity of our food systems, proclaim safe water as a human right, and to tell corporations that human beings do deserve a safe planet to live on for every generation to come.

And that’s where YOU come in. Because you have a story that drives you to make a difference, too. And we know that together, we can each be more powerful as a team than we are on our own. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, and we want you with us. Join us now, and meet an organizer and volunteers in your area working on issues that affect your community and the world. Are you ready to be strong?

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