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In Her Words: Summer Lee, Climate Champion For U.S. Congress

Summer Lee has been steadily climbing toward a seat in Congress and proving that a bold stance on climate is a winning approach.


by Miho Suzuki-Robinson

Food & Water Action is proud to stand with Pennsylvania State Rep. Summer Lee heading into the November midterm election. She’s an anti-fracking activist and climate champion who will fight for real climate solutions. Pennsylvania, among other states, is central to the fossil fuel industry’s plans to deepen its hold on America’s energy production. That’s why electing climate superstars like Summer is critical to safeguard our future. 

We recently asked Summer to share her thoughts on our work together and her journey toward the U.S. Congress. 

Summer Lee: ‘Food & Water Action Shares My Vision’

“I have worked with Food & Water Action ever since 2018, when I was running for State Representative and helping my community stop a fracking well proposed in a densely-populated neighborhood.

Food & Water Action helped me win that election, and kept fighting for the community to eventually stop that fracking well. We won because we continued organizing during election time and year-round. In partnership with Food & Water Action, we worked together to elect climate champions to county and municipal government, and they helped me get reelected in 2020 despite aggressive industry spending.

Photo credit: CC-BY-2.0 / Mark Dixon,

My successful run for Congress in 2022 was a whole new challenge, with millions of dollars of corporate cash being spent to knock our movement down. Food & Water Action was there fighting alongside us for working people and a livable climate, and we won our biggest victory yet. Their volunteers sent thousands of handwritten letters in a narrow election that required every part of our movement pushing as hard as we could. I look forward to working with them as a member of Congress to push for real climate solutions that create millions of green jobs, and to continue to clean up the air and water here in southwest Pennsylvania where there is so much work left to be done.

They fight for what is right, what is just, which is why I am proud and grateful for their endorsement. Food & Water Action shares my vision for a climate-stable future for all of us, where people determine how we govern the care of our planet – not CEOs who get wealthy, at the expense of our health.”

We Need Supporters Like You To Help Make Winning On Climate Possible

Summer Lee has proven to be a captivating and inspirational candidate. Her candidacy increased voter turnout in her district’s primary by an impressive margin. We expect her presence on the ballot to boost turnout again, benefiting the Democratic candidates for governor and U.S. Senate. 

Electing more champions like Lee will protect the progress we’ve made for a livable climate for us and future generations. We have many ways you can join us in supporting Summer and other allies running in the midterm elections. You can RSVP for events in your area, volunteer to be a part of our texting team, or donate. Or we’d love to have you host a Get Out The Vote letter-writing party!

Fight for food we can trust, water we can drink, and air we can breathe. Not to mention, a democracy we can believe in!

Every dollar donated helps to preserve our future.


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