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How We’ll Win The 2022 Midterm Elections And Protect Our Climate

With midterms in 2022, we must elect climate champions and defend the Democratic majority in the House. See our plan — we need you with us.


2020 was a historically important election. But the 2022 midterm elections could have an even bigger impact on American democracy and the health of the planet.

Our opponents understand what’s at stake, and will use their corporate coffers to influence the outcome of the election. They’ll spend millions of dollars blanketing the airwaves with ads and filling our mailboxes with misinformation. We don’t have their cash. What we do have are community leaders around the country ready to mobilize their neighbors to vote.

There are three main components to our strategy for electing candidates who won’t trash our public resources for profit. 

Defending The Majority In Congress For A 2022 Victory Over Climate-Deniers

Corporations will be spending millions of dollars to elect Republicans who will put profit before people. However, we can defeat them if we work together. Food & Water Action has been building power in key areas around the country, in places like Johnson City, Iowa, Broward County, Florida, and Pittsburgh. We will use our grassroots infrastructure to elect progressive Democrats in these battleground Congressional districts and beyond.

This spring Food & Water Action will announce the Congressional districts where we can have the most impact on the general election. This will happen after redistricting has settled, to best inform our decisions. These will be districts we already have a strong grassroots presence in. This way we know our continued investment will have a big impact.

With your investment, we’ll deploy time-tested tactics to effectively mobilize voters and win these important races, such as:

  • Voter registration
  • Door-to-door canvassing
  • Handwritten letters 

Strengthening The Progressive Block With Climate Champions In 2022

Nobody fought harder for President Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda than progressives. We need more climate champions working to get our country to 100% renewable energy. We have already endorsed three climate champions, Summer Lee (PA-12), Jessica Cisneros (TX-28), and Rep. Andy Levin (MI-11). We are excited to support these candidates because they have stood so strongly with us. For more information and background about these candidates, visit our Endorsements page.  

The Secret Weapon For Winning In 2022: Empowering Activists Like You To Join The Fight

Now more than ever, it is critical to protect the progress we have made for a livable climate for us and future generations. For that reason, we have many ways to get involved. You can sign up for events in your area, volunteer to be a part of our texting team, or make a gift. By joining Food & Water Action in electing climate champions, you can help us fight for food we can trust, water we can drink, air we can breathe…and a democracy we can believe in. Donate to Food & Water Action today to be a part of steering these midterms on the right course.

Power our work together in the midterms and beyond!


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