Lateefah Simon

A veteran activist with decades of experience, Lateefah Simon is a demonstrated champion for environmental justice and the only candidate in this race with a clear understanding of our climate crisis. Simon’s career of advocacy, lived experience, and expertise as an elected director of Bay Area Rapid Transit has showcased her ability to tackle our most pressing environmental issues with progressive policies.

Simon will continue Rep. Barbara Lee’s legacy of principled progressivism. Lateefah knows first-hand the human cost of burning fossil fuels, and she’ll work with our movement to fight for environmental justice.

Luz Rivas

As a state legislator and electrical engineer, Luz Rivas has an unmatched understanding of the dangers of scam policies like carbon capture and sequestration, and she has the technical expertise needed to serve as the spokesperson we need in the nation’s capital where, unfortunately, far too many elected officials remain uneducated on the issue.

Susheela Jayapal

As Multnomah County Commissioner, Susheela Jayapal fought to shut down the Zenith Oil Terminal. As a member of Congress, she’ll fight to shut down fossil fuel infrastructure around the country. 

Susheela understands the dangers of climate change are already here, because she saw a climate-caused heat dome kill over 70 of her constituents in 2023. Again, she took action, leading her county to take legal action against fossil fuel corporations for causing this heat dome. We need to elect Susheela to Congress so that she can take this fight to the most impactful scale possible.

Ro Khanna

Khanna is the lead sponsor of the Farm System Reform Act, which would phase out factory farms by 2040, free contract farmers from their factory farm contracts, and transition our food system towards resilient, sustainable, and humane practices. Khanna is also co-lead sponsor of the WATER Act — the landmark 21st-century legislation that we need to restore federal support and help protect clean water.

Laura Friedman

Laura Friedman has been a climate champion in the California legislature. Friedman has a long track record of protecting Californians from drought, climate change, and toxic chemicals. She is the only top-tier candidate in the race to sign the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge.