Food & Water Action Endorses Environmental Champs in Pennsylvania

This year, we can grow the progressive presence in Harrisburg.


Pittsburgh, PA – Less than two weeks out from the primary election, Food & Water Action announced its endorsement of six candidates for state legislature who would put people and the planet over corporate profits. 

The group – the political arm of the advocacy group Food & Water Watch – has played a key role in electing progressives like Reps. Danielle Friel Otten, Summer Lee, and Elizabeth Fiedler, and will work to get this slate of candidates elected to expand the progressive caucus: 

Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler for House District 184

Paul Prescod for Senate District 8

Tara Zrinski for Senate District 14

Izzy Smith-Wade-El for House District 49

Andre Carroll for House District 201

Carol Kazeem for House District 159

Mandy Steele for House District 33

“Pennsylvania needs a strong bloc of progressive legislators to ensure that we’re not only standing up to Republicans, but to the corporate interests trying to control the Democratic Party,” said Food & Water Action Pennsylvania Director Megan McDonough. “Electing these great leaders would expand the power of the climate movement inside and outside Harrisburg.”