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Speaker Mike Johnson is a Clear and Present Danger to America’s Environment and Public Health

Senate Must Stand Firm Against This Radical House Majority


Moments ago, ultra-conservative Republican Mike Johnson was elected Speaker of the House of Representatives. In response, Food & Water Action Deputy Director Mitch Jones issued the following statement:

“Speaker Johnson, an egregious climate skeptic and proud election denier, has had his career bought and paid for by the oil and gas industry. Johnson’s shameful anti-truth, anti-science views are a clear and present danger to America’s public health and environment.

“In lining up behind Mike Johnson, House Republicans have uniformly embraced his dystopian vision and made it clear they are only interested in tearing things down – things like our fundamental clean air, clean water and public health safeguards. Now more than ever it is imperative that Senate Democrats stand firm and disregard the foolish extremism almost certain to begin streaming out of the House.

“Decent people across the country must begin mobilizing quickly to ensure that Democrats reclaim the House majority in 2024. A failure in this effort would be dire for the health and safety of all Americans and a livable climate for this planet.”

Contact: Seth Gladstone – [email protected]


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