Summer Lee

Summer Lee is a lifelong resident of southwest Pennsylvania, bringing her experience as a state legislator and longtime social justice organizer to Congress. Food & Water Action helped her stop a fracking well in her hometown of Braddock, PA and supported her efforts to end fossil fuel handouts.

In Congress, she will fight to end fracking, to pass a Green New Deal, to provide clean energy jobs and to ensure clean air and water for all, especially marginalized communities.

Chris DeLuzio

A voting rights attorney and labor activist, Chris DeLuzio brings to Congress his experiences protecting our elections and successfully organizing for the University of Pittsburgh Faculty union.

In Congress, he will fight egregious corporate power and stop corporations from buying political influence. To reach his vision for a world free of carbon emissions, he is committed to ramping up investments in clean energy sources.

Rep. Jamaal Bowman

Since his election in 2020, Rep. Jamaal Bowman has been a vibrant voice in Congress, advocating for progressives and marginalized communities like those in his district. In that election, Bowman toppled his 16-term incumbent opponent, with a grassroots people-powered campaign and $0 in corporate donations.

He is a Green New Deal, environmental justice and voting rights champion, fighting to transition this country to 100% clean and renewable energy by 2030.