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Recent Actions

  • Help Pass The Fracking Ban Act

    One of the biggest steps we can take to curb the worst of climate change is to ban fracking — immediately!

  • TELL CONGRESS: No Bailouts For Billionaires!

    In a time of national crisis, when our health and climate are at risk, it’s outrageous that fossil fuel industry executives are looking for government money to prop up their unsustainable business model.

  • TELL CONGRESS: Give Us A #GreenNewDeal!

    There are 11 years left to address climate change. That means we need to make massive changes to our energy infrastructure to limit global warming to a moderate level. 

  • The WATER Act: Urge Congress To Support It

    Clean drinking water is a human right. Sadly, in the United States, people have to worry about whether their water is safe to drink, and whether they can afford it. This IS a problem we can solve! That’s why Americans need to support The WATER Act. We need funding to keep our water systems up […]

  • Ban Factory Farms Now

    Factory farms perpetuate climate change, produce enormous volumes of manure, pollute the air and water, exploit workers, fuel antibiotic resistance and harm the rural communities they claim to help. We cannot continue this failed experiment. The health of our food, our rural communities — and our planet — depends on it. Sign on to support a ban […]